Thursday, November 22, 2007

baguette boxers or briefs

baguette box has a "new" menu! i say "new" because i havent been there in a very long time...mostly since their hurs dont mesh well with my life and food cravings. they used to be open really late (many a crispy drunken chicken has been devoured by my cohorts at 215 am)...but now i hear they're open until 7/8. boo. anyhow, new-to-me on the menu are salads (yay!) and more sides. there were some new sandwiches, as well, but i didnt get a shot of it. the ones that i could remember were a bershire pork belly and hoisin, meatball, and plain zucchini sandwich. im sure im forgetting something, but youll just have to go there and find out for yourself.

the new selections on the menu threw off my dining companion, and though i tried to buy him lunch, he was too stressed out to order with me. he chose the meatball sangwich, which looked absolutely delicious.

the baguette box twist on the regular meatball standard was some roasted red and yellow peppers, carmelized onions, and strips of roasted eggplant. he said it was "bomb" and the "best sandwich he's had" there.

i went for my standard....the braised tofu, however there were some new accoutrements alongside my favorite. instead of just "braised tofu," it was "coconut braised tofu with avocado." avocado?? i like avocado, but after eating the sandwich, it was completel forgettable. as always, the pickled carrots and daikon were tasty, the red onion was on point, but the cilantro was lacking. i got one sparse twig of the aromatic green, and it was simply not enough.

overall, it was a successful trip to the 'box. i also got the truffle fries (oops, no pic, my bad) which were good. they always look overdone to me, but when you bit into them, theyre damn good. mine were a little over-salted, but hey, you can knock that off. my dining companion also ordered the truffle fries, but they *gasp* forgot, so he had to ask for them. they were aptly apologetic and speedy to fill the void of fries.

im going to have to find a way to return during operating hours to try out the new salads and soup options. i love the sandwiches, but hell, maybe one time im in an arugula and tofu mood...something light and breadless is a nice option to offer. thanks for the updates, baguette boxxx.

Capitol Hill: 206.332.0220
1203 Pine Street Seattle, Wa 98101
hours: 11-8

Fremont: 206.632.1511
626 N 34th Seattle, Wa 98101
(In between Peet's Coffee & Stone Cold Creamery)
hours: 11-8

they also offer delivery, but theres a 4 boxed lunch minimum

Baguette Box in Seattle


Suge White said...

"haven;t been there in a long time" What are you even talking about? We go there like once a month and get that 30 min spot right out front.

The lemongrass skirt steak is bomb.

I'm pretty excited about the pork belly.

ndrwmtsn said...

i didn't say anything when you ordered, but your sandwich was a hella bougie banh mi. the bread might have been a better than your average saigon deli's and yes, avacado is cool, but WTF you basically could've gotten the same thing for $2.00 2 miles away.

White Pepper said...

i like that tofu sandwich..they use to ask you if you wanted to add avocado but I always said no because it seemed unnecessary.

I also like the crispy drunken chicken sandwich, it is bomb.

i think most of the sides including the salads are way overpriced. I havent ever had the fries...might need to check it out.

and boo to closing so early.

TekkaDon Juan said...

im a vegetarian, asshole!! and last time i checked, you cant get truffle fries at saigon deli. you mad cause you hate your job.

Suge White said...

OMG can't pull on over on you, Matson! Of course its bougie bahn mi, that's the whole premise.

You can't get anything nearing the quality of baguette box for 2 bucks in china town.

So you pay a few extra bucks and you get proper refridgeration, decent quality meats and a little extra attention to detail. Well worth it. Stop trying to keep it so real all the time, eastside.

Anonymous said...


White Pepper said...

i didnt know they had one of these in fremont!

crc said...

this place good. truffle fries are even better.