Saturday, November 3, 2007

Broadway Teriyaki and Sushi

I was excited to finally go out to dinner this week...because I wanted to write a new post.

L. and I went to Hana (219 Broadway E.) in hopes to get down on some teriyaki and sushi. We put our name on the list and were promised a table within 5-10 min. So time passed....and it looked like we were going to get seated and this couple walks in and the lady sits them immediately. L. walked over and the waitress shot him a glance like, "I'm sorry your next."

But that is not what happened.

Another group came in and got seated.

Boo. I was surprised because we go here all of the time...but they have a few new staff members who do not have their shit together. We debated if we should go in and figure out the problem, but I was so irritated...

We left, went to Aoki, which was great (I have written a post about them before). I didn't have my phone so I don't have any photos....but here is a short synopsis. We shared a few pieces of sushi, the highlight again was the seared tuna! L. had chicken teriyaki and i had oyako don. The teriyaki looked really good, but L. can comment on that. I particularly liked the looks of the cabbage salad that came on the side. I loved the oyako don...but I was so full by the time I got it, I only took a few bites. This don came with chicken, egg and onion on rice. It was sweet and had a very home style flavor. Loved it. When I re-heat it I will add some hot sauce.

I love you Hana but your new hostess needs to get her mind right.


kjade said...

umm, is it the hostess who's about 49 feet tall and likes to sing all of the 90s soft rock on the radio? cause she was working there tonight. i couldnt believe m didnt notice her singing, but i sure did. every song was her goddamn song, from fire and rain to give it to me baby. i swear to god it was getting on my nerves so badly i was thinking of ending our meal early.

Suge White said...

I was entranced by the Miso sake seared black cod. the bento box was good. That spot is kind of pedestrian which is fine but it's not priced right for the level of food they put out.