Sunday, October 28, 2007

That Time of Year

So, I have been going out to eat at lots of random places for a week or so and have been quite underwhelmed. I am looking for some new places to check is your opportunity to let me know some places you have gone to lately and some suggestions on what to eat. Comment and tell me whats up.

In the meantime...

I went to the Matador in Ballard for a quick bite with a few friends and tried the fish tacos. I'd post a pic but the lighting was so dim the pic turned out a straight blur. The tacos were pretty good, nothing to write home about but very edible. I thought the fish, which was tuna, was cooked well and had a nice flavor because of the fresh pico on the side. I did not eat the rice and black beans because they were cold...and to be honest I rarely eat the rice and beans when it comes to plated mexican food. Back when I was a cook, every time I went to get my food handlers card updated we took a class that stressed the importance of temperature when it comes to keeping bacteria out of rice and beans. For some reason I always think about that instructor when I get a plate with rice and beans on it. My friend k. had enchiladas which she can tell you all about...because she is an avid reader. Our girl r. got down on this bbq chicken sandwich, that looked pretty good mainly because it looked like the chicken was shredded and covered in thick sauce. k. and r. also shared some dessert which I believe was coconut flan...nice.

Few things to keep in mind with the Matador in Ballard. One bartender who works there is a dick. The kind of bartender who doesn't listen to you when you are ordering but lets you order and then says, "you got id"? Whatever dude, don't hate on me because we are the same age but you look like your 40. Perhaps he would look more like 30 if he spent a little more time putting on spf than laying in the tanning booth. The Matador has also been voted a good singles scene and that is very evident. Mainly because of the lurkers standing by the fire pit or the cool guys doing shots at the bar next to the animal skulls. They also put too much ice in their expensive drinks, which is not a good look. Its a great place to people watch...but I would recommend checking out the happy hour rather than the dinner menu. At least you get a good price on the comedy.

2221 NW Market St
Seattle, WA 98107
Hours: Mon-Fri 4pm-2am , Sat-Sun 11am-2am
The Matador also has a location in West Seattle and in Tacoma.


kjade said...

i was pleasantly surprised (by the food at least). i've been to the matador a few times and never really liked any of the entrees, though the apps were banging (spendy!).

i got the tomatillo vegetarian enchiladas and they were pretty good. the sauce was a little dry, but the tortillas/filling were moist and delicious. they were stuffed w goat cheese, some sort of sharp cheddar-like goo, roasted red pepps, mushrooms, and onions. mmm. they were also suuuuper hot, which is a plus.

my only real complaint about the enchiladas is that the (flavor) heat wasn't consistent. one bite would have some heat from roasted jalapenos, but then the next would be bland. also, why isn't there hot sauce on the table??

i took one bite each of the rice and beans...they weren't that great. temperature was off. beans lacked salt. rice was too seemed like there was cardamom in it or something; something not right.

also. yes, bartender, you're a dick. go be mad that you're not pulling hella young ballard ass because you look like a chi-mo. oh yeah, and because you're rude.

oh yes, i almost forgot the flan. not bad. not great. the custard was too bubbly...easily remedied with a few gentle taps before you refrigerate; amateur mistake. the burnt sugar was actually quite good. delicate flavor.

overall: better than expected, though i don't think i would go back unless la carta de oaxaca is packed to the gills (which is was).

lar said...

i scavenged some pretty good nachos @ the Fratador but what i really wanna hit is the cupcake spot

i think young west seattle is weird

kjade said...

cupcake royale is pretty tasty. didn't sarah bring home a chocolate 'pcake for you a while back? in its own special take-out container?

that used to be mine and ashley's coffee/gossip spot. but now i don't live in or near ballard, so it's more of a trek.

funny that matador and cupcake royale are within 3 storefronts of each other in both ballard and west seattle.


Suge White said...

Good app's shitty entrees and gay atmosphere. said...

cupcake royale is where i go if i'm thinking of breaking up with whoever i'm dating at the time so that k and i can hash out the details and pro & con it.

as a result, you can bet that r is not real thrilled about the prospect of me ever going back there again.

kjade said...

this is also true.