Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Mexican Spot on Broadway! we go again. I reported earlier that Broadway Wok closed its doors and now in its place is a new Mexican spot.

Welcome El Tajin...Upon entering I kept thinking about Broadway Wok but glanced around and realized some bright orange paint and some mexican themed decor changed the place completely...uh, right. The menu was full of authentic mexican dishes with really long explanations, many of the items I have never heard of! I considered some of the dishes but realized this might be risky since I have never been here and I wanted to take it slow.

The chips were good and salty and I liked the salsa even though it didn't have much heat. The waiter was really nice and the owner?manager? even came out to ask if we had questions about the menu.

I went for the chicken tostadas

and L. ordered a burrito al pastor...

The tostadas were pretty good, they had a mild taste and the potatoes layered on the shell were a nice touch. The serving was large, the plate had three big tostadas with lots of toppings. I liked the chicken but it wasn't spicy enough for me.

Now I am not sure how to put this but while I was eating, I looked up and watched L. cut open his burrito and he had a really awful expression on his face. He was very quiet and didn't say anything for a few minutes. I kept watching him pull out the pork and move it around and then finally smell it. He ate all of the rice and beans on his plate and then ate a few more chips. The burrito was barely touched. He then told me he thought something was wrong with the meat and that it smelled like deuce. I offered to taste the meat because at this point, never having al pastor, I felt like I should try it.

Really, not only did it smell like deuce, it tasted like what I imagine deuce might taste like. I think it was over spiced and overcooked meat to the 10th degree.

After that bite of his food. I was done eating. We chatted for a few minutes and then decided it was time to bounce. For the rest of the evening we talked about how we should go back and try it again because clearly something was not right. But the next day, we put a ban effective immediately on ever going there again.

Someone tell me if you have been here yet, and how it was...

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Anonymous said...

still not convinced we didnt eat straight DEUCEY DUCE. i was out of it and thought my brain was fuckin with me. i have never eaten a piece of shit in my life but i think thats exactly what it would taste like. i didnt know al pastor meant 'previously digested'

no mexican spots on the hill EVER AGAIN