Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Never Ending Pasta Bowls and Tropical Sangria

"When you're here, You're Family"

So my brother calls me up and wants to take me to dinner...we spend a few minutes exchanging ideas on places we want to go and then he's like, fuck it, lets go to Olive Garden. I paused, laughed and then totally got down. My brother is a chef, someone who knows more about food than the average human. He enjoys getting away from four star quality food and getting in on the mystery of chain restaurants.

We decided to take on the OG by staring in the bar as we awaited our table.I enjoyed an Italian Margarita, which came with a floater of amaretto on the side. This drink was extremely sweet and sticky. The orange sugar crystals on the rim, were a real classy touch.

When we got to the table, we were overwhelmed with the menu and the options so we ordered an appetizer. We ordered the Smoked Mozzarella Fonduta, which was a hot mess of melted cheeses and some bread. I do not think I would order that again. My brother however, enjoyed it. He also challenged me to eat the whole bowl in one minute, I passed.

Next, I ordered my second drink...after looking through the menu I came across the Tropical Sangria. What in the fuck is tropical sangria? Well, I will tell you, it is some cheap ass white wine mixed with passion fruit juice. I found this out later as we were leaving...when I asked the bartendar. Nothing like a wine glass, ice, some cheap wine and a straw to bring it home.

Next out come the classic salad and breadsticks. Always on point, this iceburg salad is the bomb and one of the only times I come close to getting down on some oil and vinegar. Bread was dusted with garlic and came out really hot, so yeah, BOMB. For those who do not know, the salad and breadsticks are also unlimited and never ending.

So onto the entrees. I should add that at this point none of us were hungry. I decided to go with the Chicken Parmigana. My brother went with some Stuffed Chicken Marsala...and his wife took one for the team and ordered the Never Ending Pasta Bowl. Since we were not that hungry we decided to all help B. eat her pasta bowl so we could keep ordering until they said no more. We only got two bowls. The first one had the smoked cheese sauce and classic marinara, the second bowl had alfredo sauce and sausage sauce. The waitress told us that 3-5 people get the second bowl, which for the record is actually smaller than the first. She said rarely do people get a third bowl.
Since we were really doing it up, we even got dessert. We ordered the Tiramisu and the Frozen Tiramisu Drink. This was a bad idea. I tasted that tiramisu but that was it, I did not care for it. I did however drink some of that drink, and got an immediate brain freeze or diabetes, I am still not sure.
After all of this, I could barely talk on the way home. Talk about some serious discomfort from over indulgence. Oh well, it was awesome. I will prolly go back next year.


kjade said...

that lone sausage on rolled onto the side of the pasta looks like an actual turd.

brown rice said...

i'm kind of jealous. i've been feeling like i need some hospitaliano! in my life lately.

Rachel Ray said...

I would like to add that I don't only eat at shitty restaurants I just find them hilarious. I just finished the leftovers, and I don't recommend microwaving the bread sticks, gnarly.
I went to tulio last night the day after the OG completely different experience, I didn't feel like family at all!

Anonymous said...

i think i ate an actual turd last nite. but thats for another post.
what up rachel! what up rice!

M said...

Um you should do a food column in the paper S...for real you are good AND crack me the fuck up...

Diabetes or brain freeze - I about spilled my espresso...

For real - what do we all hafta do here to help along the idea of you getting your own column?

ndrwmtsn said...

amazing post