Tuesday, October 9, 2007

something Malay for all you Asian food lovers

While driving home from picking up my gal at the airport late last night we both had a hankerin for some snacks. Who doesn't love snacks? What a ridiculous question. Anywhooo......

I thought of this clean looking restaurant that I've driven past 69 million times. Salima (www.salimarestaurant.com). Open 6 days a week. Located on MLK (6727 Martin Luther King Jr Way S). And they serve Malaysian food. Prices are SOLID and the food quality is getting a high five from my right hand w/ a thumbs up by my left. I think I only saw 1 item on the menu for $11.95 everything else was $8.95 and down.

We opened up with an apetizer of Roti Canai ($2.95), which is this deep fried phylo like dough bread accompanied with a curry dipping sauce. I'm a greasy kinda guy so this was nice to me. My gal enjoyed it to. I also liked it cause it came out nearly right away and wasn't too filling. Taste was good, but again the curry sauce is greasy too.

My main course, which we shared, was the lamb curry ($8.25). Braised lamb still on the bone, but sort of cube shapes. The curry sauce isn't too spicy and with a couple scoops of white rice underneath this was hands down my favorite dish. Nice servings of lamb, and the curry sauce was right on the money for my taste buds.

2nd main dish was Vietnamese Grilled Beef Rice ($8.95). This was basically a fried rice with grilled beef, a fried egg and a spicy fish sauce. My gal thought it was a touch too fishy for her. The taste alone was satisfying, and so was the portion, but to really kick it home I poured some of the lamb curry sauce onto it and BooYah! Dish complete!

They can get busy, but everyone I've spoken with that has eaten there has enjoyed it. I don't know any Malaysian's to say how authentic it is. But I'd say it's worth a try.



White Pepper said...

sounds good CrumbYum. Thanks for the review!

kjade said...

that sounds tasty. i don't really know too much about malaysian food, but what i've had i like....i mean shoot, it's a jumble of malaysian, thai, chinese, and indian food...how can you go wrong?!?

malay satay hut is pretty good, too...it's over at 14th and jackson. best part is that my house is in their delivery area.

CrumbYum said...

Malay Satay hunh. I'll have to check that one out.