Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More Mexican Food....El Camino

I rarely make it to Fremont, by choice, but we happened to be in the area on our way to Ballard so we stopped off at El Camino.

We started with a few drinks and the Tostones de Platano Macho con Guacamole. These salty fried plantain chips come with really good salsa fresca & fresh garlicky guacamole. I order these every time I come here because they are so perfect. I have yet to prepare plantain chips myself, but I might need to try it out.
L went with the Tamales con Camarones en Salsa Boracha. This tamale came in a corn masa shell and was filled with shrimp and chiles, covered in negra modela sauce and then wrapped in a banana leaf. It also came with some spicy/pickled carrots and some mild green salsa. I think L. really liked it but it wasn't a very big serving for someone who was hungry. This dish was a small plate, something you could order as a starter.

I went with the Tacos de Pescado, which came with the fresh catch of the day, Mahi-Mahi. The tacos also came with a few shrimps. I loved the cabbage slaw that came on the side, it was BOMB. The fresh slices of jalapenos added the right amount of heat. This dish also came with some black beans and some tasty green rice.

ndrwmtsn who also joined us for dinner went with the Carnitas con Mole Negro. This pork shoulder looked like it was slow-cooked and was just covered in some thick black mole. I tasted the kale that accompanied the dish and it was amazing.

This place is not cheap but the food is always tasty and consistent. I enjoy sitting in the bar where it is a little less stiff and the music is a little louder. They are closed on Mondays but serve dinner until 11pm on the weekend. After reading their website, I noticed they also serve brunch on Sundays...I'm going to check that out.

El Camino in Seattle


kjade said...

i've been there for brunch a couple times and it was, indeed, quite tasty! i don't really eat eggs, but i've had bites of egg dishes (which predominate the brunch menu), and they were pretty good!

once i even copped out and got the cinnamon roll and fruit (why not go to denny's, right?). el camino was obv my brunch companion's choice.

the brunch chilaquiles are served mashed up w eggs, but i got a couple bites sans huevo...mmm.

i think it's on the starter menu, but the clams in a spicy cream sauce (mejillones el camino or someshit) were bomb. not really spicy, though. i don't love cream sauces because they're often quite heavy, but in this case: delicious. it's served in a deep, white bowl w toasted garlicky bread on the side.

one word to the wise: don't get a chile relleno here thinking it's going to be an actual chile relleno.

glad you reviewed this place...great pics!

CrumbYum said...

I've always liked the food there, but Freemont can be a bitch sometimes. Price is not my favorite thing about that place but often a deterent.

I'd say it is some of the better comfort food in Freemont though.