Monday, October 8, 2007

gettin Chili

Even with my socks and cashmere sweater I was feeling the cold today. With no left overs to heat up at lunch I ventured out to the mean streets of Pioneer Sq and found a hole in the wall chili joint. It's actually called "Hole in the Wall Barbecue," (215 James St Seattle, WA 98104-2211 ) but they make a tasty homestyle chili. Nice old school ground beef, with black beans, tomatoes, and with good heat. Nothing crazy. I didn't go through 6 napkins or anything, but my nose got a touch runny.

For a bowl of chili ($4.95 if memory serves me correct), onions & cheddar (50 cents extra), and a Country Time Lemonaid ($1) I spent a total of $6. Plus, they hook you up with some saltines or a sandwich bag full of tortilla chips. You can enjoy a tasty bowl at the counter seating surrounding the place or get it to go. But I'm giving that spot a thumbs up for not being over priced, serving a tasty non gourmet bowl of chili, and for the free baggie of chips!
But now I'm hungry to check out this Mexican joint on Broadway posted by White Pepper.



kjade said...

ah, saltines. i love the simple taste of flour and salt. oyster crackers used to be my shit, and i was super picky about brands since (surprisingly) shape, texture, and flavor widely differ. nowadays i just grab a couple packs at the soup bar for snacking while i walk around in the grocery store.

damn, that had nothing to do with chili or hole in the wall bbq. ah well, i dont eat meat anyways.

Anonymous said...

this sounds like a good place to go. i cosign the crackers.

mike said...

I been there. The beef brisket is the truth.

CrumbYum said...

It's true...the beef brisket is the truth.