Sunday, October 14, 2007

Panos Kleftiko

I first was first introduced to Panos Kleftiko in Queen Anne for my girls birthday party. Now everyone is going to have to give me some slack on this one. This place has no website so I am unable to go back and tell you exactly what we all ate.

I do know that the birthday girl had fish.....hopefully she can comment and let you know how it was and, uh what it was.

L. had pork chops... and look to the back of the photo and you can see the big bread bowl which I imagine was filled with meat? mike can help with with this...

I think ndrwmtsn had lamb balls?

I had a chicken dish that came in some foil nest. The boneless chicken breast was split in half and filled with cheeses. The spice covering the meat tasted a bit like oregano but I am sure it wasn't. I was hoping to be blown away by the flavors but they didnt capture me at all. I thought the carrots were cooked to perfection but the rice was cold and bland.

I do not have any pics of our appetizers, but they were really good. The baked feta was fabulous and the tzatziki was some of the best I have ever had. The momentum of the meal was going well until we ended up waiting for a few hours until we got our dinners. After some nice appetizers, I was underwhelmed with our entrees... but overall I can tell why people keep going back to this place. I will definitely go back.

Thanks for the introduction k.


mike said...

My bread bowl had lamb and onions in it. it was very pedestrian, and not in a charming rustic peasant food sort of way. It was was just lazy and a piss poor house special.

Th apps were really good. The entress were wack. THe service from the kitchen was terrible. the waitress was bush league.

I am a fan of Mythos beer now.

White Pepper said...

I do like mythos, when my brother worked at Lola we drank a lot of that...and Ouzo. gross.

i think it is safe to say this place kills on the appetizers but the full meal deal might leave you hanging.

CrumbYum said...

That is some seriously large bread. Sounds like this might be a good snack spot but not an expensive meal spot.

I've never heard of Mythos beer. Do you beer bong it or shot gun it?

kjade said...

i had the calamari steak covered w 'arugula pesto' and reduced balsamic on a bed of skordalia (basically garlic mashed potatoes).

the calamari was perfectly cooked and not chewy, but toothsome. texture was great. the only problem was that the 'pesto' really only seemed to have arugula for that brilliant green color...not flavor, which was overwhelmingly hot garlic. i love garlic, but damn!, it comes to a point. i ended up scraping most of it off and tempering each bite of calamari with a smoosh of skordalia.

carrots: tasty and cooked perfectly. i liked how simple they were, though mike would disagree.

also, why even bother with adding rice to the plate if it's literally three tablespoons?? i hate to admit it, but mine had crunchy, undercooked bits in it. not tight when unexpected.

the appetizers, though, were serious. the tzaziki - perfect; psaganaki (ouzo-flamed xalloumi cheese topped w lemon juice) - bomb; baked olives w fennel seed - delish; spanakopita - a hefty serving; aginares na salomo (artichoke hearts baked w smoked salmon/caper topping) - good but needed more caper.

i forget...was there anything else?

oh yes, a note on timing. reservation for 8 at 8:30...half of our party arrived at 820 and were seated fairly promptly. it was crazy busy, and every seat was occupied on a friday night. we ordered appetizers within 10 minutes, then the rest of the party arrived around 845. we probably ordered entrees around 915 (at the very latest) and finally got served around 1030. wtf! we were ticking off tables that arrived after us and left before we even got served!

the kitchen is super small and manned by a single chef, but seriously....we shut down the place and they were counting checks in the booth next to us before we even settled up. crazy.

overall assessment: go (early) for the appetizers, period.

Anonymous said...

is it expensive?

kjade said...

it's kind of in between...entrees were anywhere from 12-18 (i think, i dont really remember), but appetizers were well-priced...i think average 6 bucks? actually, shit, im not really sure.

all i know is that there was an excess of breadbowl conversation and absolutely no orange juice in the building.