Wednesday, October 10, 2007

some more Columbia City

Checked out something new in C - City last night...Lottie's. I've drank there plenty, but haven't jumped into their food menu much. Just breakfast burritoes which have been good....until now!

So, my mom & I shared a cheese platter with some cured meats, and a spinach salad.
The Cheese Platter ($8 plus $2 for the meat):
I recognized the muenster cheese from Costco so that instantly bummed me out cause there are such awesome cheeses in Washington & Oregon. But, I like creamy cheeses so that was cool. There was a hard cheese that was good and the chevre was good too. Served with toasted bread, probably went stale and they needed something to do with it, a toppenade, apple slices & walnuts. The best contributor to this spread was the "balsalmic vinigrette" for the salad. It was much to thick to be a vinigrette and tasted more like a reduced balsalmic with dijon mustard and honey. This was the highlight of the meal. I'm gonna make that at home some day cause that was grubbin. A layer of that on toasted bread with a slice of salami, a smearing of chevre and some toppenade....thumbs up.

The Spinach Salad ($9)
Spinach with carmelized peacans, parmesan, bacon, and....what was that thing again...oh yeah the wire tie used to seal a bag. The bacon and peacans were the highlight in the salad. I was just bummed with the wire tie cause then I knew the spinach wasn't washed it was dumped.

Service was excellent even though she had just started she was very helpful. Food was close, but missed due to quality of ingredients and quality of love. I'll give them some other attempts. Beer selection was above average for a small neighborhood bar. Very impressed with it especially if you enjoy a stout.


kjade said...

twist tie..eeesh!

Anonymous said...

i love columbia city. nice review.

ndrwmtsn said...

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sarahheston said...

Costco? Hells no!

Anonymous said...

my old Tablet editor Josh Davis' place. I always dug the vibe in there.