Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving in Renton

Well I didn't have to cook a damn thing but some chex mix for my thanksgiving meal, my brother held down the rest. We rolled out to Renton to enjoy some family and some great food. My brother knows how to cook, that is truth.

Check out the plate:

To dissect the plate here are some photos.
Cranberry Sauce:

The cranberry sauce, homemade, was amazing. I could eat that sauce straight up on some crackers or something. It had the perfect tartness and savory spice. As a matter of fact, I shoulda got that recipe.

Brussel Sprouts:
I like brussel sprouts but these were on a whole new level. The way they were prepared was new to me. They were cooked down and seperated which made them a lot easier to eat that is for sure. He also mixed them up with some spice and some diced apples. Great dish.

Mashed Potatoes and Dressing:

Classic taste on two classic dishes. The potatoes were so fluffy and perfect and the dressing had that kick ass combo of soft bread and crispy outside. I think I had more potatoes on my plate than anything else.

My mom makes the best squash but this was a close second. The way the squash was cut and layered like au gratin potatoes was unique. This preparation cooked the vegetable evenly and allowed the flavors to really get into the squash. Good taste.

THE TURKEY WAS AMAZING. The way he cooked it in a bath of broth in a really deep pan made the meat so soft and tender. We also got down on an organic turkey which you can honestly tell the difference. The meat had a consistency that you are not going to find in a regular bird. I kept eating more turkey even though I felt like my stomach was going to explode. Damn, I might go buy a turkey tomorrow just to cook another one this way.

I did leave with a nice tray of leftovers, which I plan to make some sweet sandwiches. He also sent me home with the turkey carcass and I am going to make some soup...can't wait.

Oh dessert you ask? Well I didnt have any but a cheesecake and that good ol' dahlia lounge coconut cream pie were served. Right now I think I could go for some but that is almost 7 hours after dinner.

Good times, thanks fam.


TekkaDon Juan said...

beautiful's actually strikingly similar to my thanks-cali-giving (not that TG everywhere is that different). i'm about to pick up a rental car, so i'll have to post later. video's awesome...and wtf, your leftovers look like a meals-on-wheels professionally-packaged dinner to go.

hey. ps, i just got back from bead shopping. hollertronix.

Sense said...

i'm not really sure how you managed to take pictures of the food without just jumping right into it. looks good tho.

White Pepper said...

so i am sitting here eating leftovers realizing that the dressing has these amazing chanterelle mushrooms and big pieces of garlic...must have slipped my mind in the process of the feast.