Thursday, September 13, 2007

Seattle's Dahlia Lounge

These pics will not do this food any justice. The food was so BOMB and the company was wonderful. I happen to know the chef of Dahlia Lounge and he is actually one of the best chefs I know. He knows more about food than anyone I know and you can tell when he talks about it, he absolutely loves food. I rarely go to Dahlia Lounge but a few of my friends have never been, so it was time for the annual trip.

The chef started us out with an
amuse-buche...which was made up corn, basil oil, tomato...and something I am forgetting...This was the perfect little taste to start our whole meal and it made me feel like I was on Top Chef.

Next onto the Sea Bar Sampler which was a selection of all of the below:

Mutual Fish taste of the day (which I think was yellowfin?)
Dungeness crab, chili paste, tempura crispies
Dahlia smoked salmon, hot mustard
Alaskan halibut ceviche, red chilies, cucumber
and Albacore tuna, wasabi peas, ponzu
Curried vegetable samosas, avocado with jicama, honey mango, cilantro yogurtShrimp ~ scallion potstickers, black vinegar ~ soy dipping sauce

Crater Lake aged blue cheese, figs...and some waffles

The samosas were perfectly cooked and the dipping sauces were simple yet kickin with flavors. The shrimp in the potstickers held a sausage like consistency and finished with just the right amount of heat. I made these potstickers once because the recipe is in Tom Douglas' cookbook
Seattle Kitchen. Also in this cookbook are the coveted Crab Cakes... I didn't eat much of the blue cheese but everyone else about died upon eating it. I liked the concept and the waffle pieces were choice.

The onto the main courses....

K. got down on the Sauteéd Alaskan halibut
A. went with the Anderson Valley wood roasted suckling lamb
B. had the Rotisserie roasted five spice Peking duck
L. Grilled Washington beef strip loin

..since all of the above are avid readers, I will allow them to post their reviews in the comments.

I had the Barbecued pork tenderloin & a little hot link, molasses baked beans, collard greens, and nectarines. The pork was so lean that it tasted like chicken and it was perfectly cooked so it just melted in your mouth. The hot link added a nice consistency change to the entree and it was thick not fatty. I loved the greens because they were not overcooked and were perfectly salted. I did not think the nectaries added much to the dish. I heard sometimes the fruit added to the dish are bing cherries...that sounds unbelievable.

Finally Dessert:

Milk chocolate mousse cake
Crème caramel
Triple coconut cream pie

Everyone who lives in this city should check this place out since it has earned its reputation as quite the Seattle food insitution. If you get a chance stop by the kitchen and give my brother a pound.

Dahlia Lounge
2001 - 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121


kjade said...

the sauteed halibut was deliciously moist and juicy for a typically more flaky fish. the fish was seared on one side to a golden brown patina and rested atop a walla walla onion puree. a slightly-too-sweet creme fraiche potato and pea green salad tumbled over the fish and was garnised with a swath of tarragon oil.

the texture of the fish was perfectly meaty and juicy. my only criticism is that the potato/pea shoot salad was a little too sweet, not enough salty. oh yeah, and that i need more of that halibut in my life.

kjade said...

also, you are guaranteed to get one of the best manhattan's of your life at any tom douglas restaurant. you can't front on those bourbon-soaked cherries!!!

mike said...

My duck was great. the sides were not so hot. the ramen soup was both too dark and yet still kind of bland at the same time. the whatever it was on the side, some sort of slay i think, didn't bring anything to the table.

the apps were seriously 10's across the board. bangers.

the manhattens were crack.

she's a little spendy but when you want do it big(ish), the spot is a definite option.

My creme caramel was awesome too. I know, I'm a master of descriptive writing.

T. Douglas is no joke.

mike said...


p.s. big ups to brian and his pretty new skirt

kjade said...

it was a nappa slaw...pretty forgettable, actually. it was over-tossed (pause) or something, because the dressing was almost foamy...

desserts as usual: (own it)

Anonymous said...

my steak was bomb, a perfectly juicy medium rare, with a nice peppery crust. i have had a more delicious steak at palace before, but im sure it was just a matter of a different cut of meat. i would still tie that dahlia steak to my face in an instant and go about my day.
the potato dumplings were not only adorable, they were delish.
what else do you want from me. said...

eff you all for not inviting me.

Archie said...

ya'll are doin it fancy. I'm checkin out the manhattans

White Pepper said...

we should all go to the bar some night and drink the Manhattans...the bar is also fun because you can just chill and order bomb.

Also, I know the bartender...he likes to dress like evil knievel