Monday, September 10, 2007

Maharaja Cuisine of India

Maharaja Cuisine of India is dead quite at 930pm on a Saturday night, if you eat in the dining room. Everyone was wasted in the bar, getting down on some cheap cocktails with Stevie Nicks blaring out the door.

If you have read previous posts you know that Indian food is not my top choice, but as I continue to try more dishes, I have found a way to navigate around the yellow turmeric flavored curry that I despise.

I had the Coconut Chicken, which without the heat factor would have been a bit too much turmeric for me, but it was great. I know that L. enjoyed the Butter Chicken but he seems to order that a lot. For some reason I could not figure out why it was bright red....I need to read more about Indian food. We got down on some flavorful naan, one with spinach and another with fruit and nuts. I know that M. had some bright red lamb dish and if I am not mistaken K. had the Saag Paneer.

Everyone loved the food but I forgot to take pictures until we were almost done eating! Below is a pic of my Coconut Chicken.

Maharaja Cuidine of India in West Seattle
4542 California Avenue Southwest


ndrwmtsn said...

i had the goat and it was dope. lar needs to branch out from the butter chick.

Anonymous said...

branch off of my dick

ndrwmtsn said...

get off MY dick i run this city noc on wood bitch

mike said...

What a half ass review. When it's bomb you write a half ass paragraph but if it sucks we get a novel.

Butter Chicken! Again? takeo ff them training wheels!

Anonymous said...

y'all forgettin to get your hair cut

tho i do agree. the stuff W.Pep is positive about gets barely spoken on.

White Pepper said...

you will ALL know if i think something is BOMB...Maharaja was not even close.

perhaps i will institute a BOMB scale for the blog

mike said...

You need to have a general consensus scale and wierd sarah's off kilter scale!

Everybody is moaning during dinner in sheer food bliss and you have the NERVE to say it's not bomb?




Then we get an unabridged novel about a shit chinese take out spot.


kjade said...

hahahahahhahaha, omg.

and yes, hairchops asap