Tuesday, September 11, 2007

R.I.P. Broadway Wok, Hello Julie's Garden

Damn, R.I.P. Broadway Wok, one of the only places that you can get Chinese delivery on Cap. Hill. What sucks is that we found out the bad news as L. repeatedly called the number which was disconnected. After two years of living up here, I figured out what things to order and found a solid group of menu items that did the trick. I cannot find any real details about the closing of this spot, but I will take a wild guess that a condo is going up over there...or because of the condos they couldn't afford rent.

So because we were dedicated to not leaving the house we hit the internet to find a new delivery spot...and low and behold we found Julie's Garden which is located in Pioneer Square. L. called them up and its true, they do deliver to Cap. Hill.

We got General Tso's Chicken, which was decent, the portion was solid and the chicken was fresh. It could have had some more heat factor and perhaps they should have cut a whole in the styrofoam because it was way over-steamed. Most lacking was that recognizable flavor of the General Tso sauce...

Curry Sauce Chicken, pretty good even though what I was expecting was something with less turmeric. This dish also needed some more heat...and some overall flavor besides overcooked veggies.

And some egg rolls, sorry no picture...they were as expected.

The delivery took over an hour but Julie's Garden is cheaper than Broadway Wok...so that is a plus. Now we will move into the phase of finding the right menu items to order. They do have Pho....and beer.

For delivery call:

Free Delivery in the Downtown Seattle Area (Minimum $20. Limited Area)

Mon-Fri: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sat: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun: Closed


kjade said...

it surprises me that there aren't places in chinatown that will deliver to the hill since it's really pretty close...

you should esp look into vietnamese joints, since they're often located in the 12th and jackson region, which is only a hop and a skip away from yall.

Anonymous said...

man thats the ticket.

good call

cuz i don see julie's garden in our future.

kjade said...

malay satay hut is good...and they deliver, i think. they're right at 12th just short of that boren/yestler clusterfuck. good food and good variety, since malaysian food is thai, indian, chinese, vietnamese, etc all smooshed together.