Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer Vacation: Roche Harbor Part 2

Looks like all our contributors are at home eating bbq and not going out to eat in July...

Last year in July I hit Roche Harbor for the national holiday on July 7th, this year I went to visit Carbos sister who is working in Roche this summer. We arrived on Saturday early afternoon and rolled up at Carbo's aunts house who after we enjoyed several bottles of champagne with, decided it was time for a mixed drink, so we hit the fields for some fresh mint.

We enjoyed what I tagged as a "bootleg mojito" which used club soda rather than simple syrup and Carbo who was the mixologist took it upon herself to muddle some blueberries for an even more special drink.

After leaving the comforts of her aunts we headed up to her sister's summer house so she could change before we headed down to the bar and grill for some lunch and more cocktails. Her sister lives in the woods with a bunch of other resort staff. WTF

Next onto Madrona Bar and Grill for some food, this was our first and only meal on Saturday so we got down on a few apps. A dungeness crab and artichoke quesadilla and some buffalo chicken wings. I liked the quesadilla more than the wings, I love fresh crab!!! The wings were a bit spicy and bit too small with barely any meat for me. Apparently they only have fresh seafood and not chickens on the island.

Next up were the drinks, I am pretty positive I wrote about these bloody mary's last year but they are amazing, the shrimp is the perfect touch.

I ended up ordering the chicken tacos which were pretty damn good, the tortillas they were served on were the perfect amount of crispy and salty. For some reason their guac was also quite good, even though it seemed a little too green to be real.

Carbo and her sister both ordered the chili rubbed chicken sandwich on a focaccia roll. I had a few bites of carbos and I will admit it had a nice kick and the chicken was nice and tender.

Towards the end of the meal resort staff and family friends kept showing up and taking seats at our amazing table with a kick ass view of the water.

See you soon, Roche!

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TekkaDon Juan said...

wow....beautiful view. with that kind of scenery, they could serve me SOS, and i'd be happy.

that bloody mary is the business. holy s. you have told me about these bloody mary's before...pictures do not disappoint.

also, those fries w carbo's chx sandwich look BOMB. i need more french fries in my life.

holy shit, i might have to walk to jack in the box for lunch today. you suck.

great post.