Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Brooklyn

The other day, over a couple great sandwiches at Jimmy John's, Crumyum mentioned he had some tasty mussels at Lark on Tuesday, reminding me that I had some real tasty clams at The Brooklyn on Monday night. They were prepared in a tomato base broth, w/ some corn and spicy chorizo, who's not a fan of the sausage shellfish combo? It was also happy hour so they were cheap and happy hour goes until 6:30. I hate 6pm hh. We also had mini kobe burgers and crab wontons. Burgers were super good, wontons not so hot, they seemed fishy, probably frozen then deep fried. They also have a signature cocktail of the day!

While describing the clams it also reminded me that I had a great steak at the Brooklyn on Friday. I even mentioned to CY, that it may have been one of my favorite steaks in town. I went w/ the Steak Oscar, fillet w/ dungeness crab and bearnaise sauce. I debated between a couple dishes but chose this mainly because of the sides it came w/. Some artichoke gratin--thing. I was not disappointed, steak was done perfectly (so juicy so fabulous) and sides and starters were great too. We started w/ the Vodka and Oyster flight (4 vodkas/ 4 oysters. can't remember all the vodkas but one was Pravda another Ciroc and I've got to say P. Diddy knows what he is talking about). Also got down on some Caprese.

For steaks (and HH apparently) I am a big fan of the Brooklyn. It's not pretentious, menu is solid and straight forward. They have awesome bread and olive oil. Gotta love the oyster thing right? It is not cheap, but who is? And if you are there w/ just two I recommend the captain's chairs were you get to see all the action. Thanks Brooklyn I think you're one of my faves!


TekkaDon Juan said...

what a great way to announce your reemergence on k&s, c/o-loader! damnit have quite the love affair with the brooklyn. steak. oysters. vodka flights. you bitch!

ndrwmtsn said...

you are a baller. either you have an expense account, or you are a baller.

i finagled a rhapsody expense account into hella serious pie last night. twas rad.

l nopen said...

Need to get back to the West Edge and hit the Brooklyn..Best oysters in Seattle