Monday, August 18, 2008

Taco Gringos

I have been thinking about tacos all summer, I think they have passed pizza on the chart of preferred dinner options over the past few months. After meeting up with L. who hadn't eaten dinner yet we walked right by Taco Gringos....and it was obvious this was going to have to do since it was 1am. I decided I would have one taco and L. went with three. We started with four pork tacos. The other options were beef or veggie. Several friends have let me know all the crazy meat they have tried at this place including rabbit, tongue and goat as well as all the creative veggie options including cabbage and tvp. What I have yet to try are the fish tacos, I need to land down there when this happens.

The place is small and the stove and pots they cook in are visible from the street. I do like the simplicity and home style feel of the business and the two guys working were really nice.

Four pork tacos:
The tacos are small, but I think for $2, you get what you pay for. I liked the pork, it was tender and the quality of meat was a surprise. The tacos are simple, just a bit of onion, cilantro and meat. They needed hot sauce which was not a bad thing, because they make that too. The HOT sauce was bomb it tasted like a hot chili sauce. It has the perfect amount of heat that I prefer. Next time, I will try the green sauce.

After eating his three tacos, L. opted for two more. While we waited outside I realized this would be a hard place to eat at when the weather changes since barely 6 people fit inside.

Open Tuesday-Saturday
1510 East Olive Way

3 comments: said...

those pork tacos are the truth. i think i ate 6 when we ate there.


if RB ever eats bunny rabbit tacos again we will get a divorce for real.

TekkaDon Juan said...

funny...we were just talking about this place the other day cause we were eating at tacos al asadero for lunch on sunday.

i should try this place...esp for the tvp...i wonder if it's good!!

perfect timing, WP.

Suge White said...

the name throws me off.

and the bus is def the taco king right now but I will eventually eat something from there.

I've eaten like 30 bunnies in my life.