Friday, August 15, 2008

Breakfast Drinks

If you need a drink and all you can eat waffles, before work, on a weekday. Check out Pike Place Bar & Grill.

Crumbyum celebrated his 30th Birthday this week and I took him to breakfast. He wanted a cocktail so called around to a couple places and found out that PPB&G starts serving at 8am. Perfect. To go w/ his double gin & tonic (just like the good ol' days at the airport PPB&G offers the double-for-a-dollar treatment) Crumb ordered the pecan Belgium waffles--then came the insider information. Although not noted on the menu, Belgium waffles are all you can eat!! The waffles were good too.

I had poached eggs and rye toast. Eggs were over done--which happens w/ their Benedict a lot. Usually I ask to make sure the yolk is runny and then they seem to be fine.

Happy B-Day Crumbyum.


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