Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dear "the Central" in Pioneer Square,

Fuck you and your bullshit "gas prices" excuse for trying not to hook someone up on their birthday with a free drink. Ok ok, I had the Cascade Carver sando ($9.95), which was smoked turkey with bacon, grilled onions and mayo on toasted bread. I got a salad to go with it, which is another point I'll be bringing up momentarily. My friend, who's birthday it is, got a grilled chicken sando that was served on a burger bun and I couldn't tell you how it was cause all he did was massage the bun since he wasn't feelin so good from an early celebration last night. Originally, I had ordered a pork sando, but guess what, this rinky dink operation they are running had no fucking pork. I've been there before when they had no bacon!@#! Are you kidding me. I think someone is drinking too much of what they should be servin birthday folks to set up their inventory proper. So my food tasted alright, the price, well I've seen better, but the flavor was there.

So when the bill arrived I realized a mistake was made where there was $1 charged for each our salads and the birthday drinks were on there. On the menu you are given the option of a salad or fries, but apparently motherfuckers decided "gas prices" were going up so they are tacking on an additional $1 for salads and she said she couldn't waive it cause her "boss asked her to crack the whip" on this policy. Fuck off. When she came back w/ our credit cards she picked up his shot, but in our earlier conversation that wasn't gonna be happenin.

Well, if anyone is looking for an alternative place to enjoy lunch & drinks in Pioneer Sq that respects and honors a persons birthday feel free to enjoy either the J&M, New Orleans Cafe, or Contour just to name a quick few. Now it's time for me to settle my nerves with some 51.5% Fighting Cock.

Peaceout and enjoy,


Anonymous said...

Also noteable is that the bbq chicken sandwich was COVERED in pepper...it was like the cook had some sort of seizure when he was peppering the food and the lid fell off. Just saying go easy on the pepper next time Central...losers.

TekkaDon Juan said...

OH WOW. i understand that rising food prices will inevitably translate into menu prices, but shit....trying to make up for it on the SALAD? are you kidding me?!?!

ndrwmtsn said...


CrumbYum said...

I need White Pepper to show me how to pull pictures off my camera phone so I can post them. I don't know I may have to start hanging out at the Dome Tavern after this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Wow, people expect free birthday drinks. How about buying your friend a birthday drink. Random bar employees dont owe you shit. I dont work at the central, but if you order shit, expect to pay for it. Fucking freeloaders!