Thursday, September 18, 2008

talariri's: a funny thing happened on the way to the office

these pictures are obviously a couple months old, but that doesn't make my overall opinion about talarico's any less valid (i've been there at least 15 times). please excuse the shitty myspace page for talarico's. if i were them, i would hire someone (or a friend, shit!) to design a quality site with general info...i mean, at the very least publish the hours and menu. their $3 slices for happy hour really are something to write home about. i'll keep this short and sweet since i know this isn't the first time i've commented about my favorite west seattle pizza haven on k&s.

M. and i went to talarico's for an easy dinner (and i had to pick work up from my office). we noticed a couple new appetizers on the menu and decided to try the polenta served with spicy sausage ragu. mark my words: THIS. IS. THE. BOMB. the polenta cake was light and fresh, unlike the logs of dense polenta you can buy pre-made in the store (my nemesis), and the sauce was bright, full of chunks of tomato and easily-removed sausage (so i ate a little meat sweat; sue me). i also loved the fresh bites of flatleaf parsley (you already know this is a personal fave).

the only improvement M. and i could think of was to broil the polenta (perhaps w some parm) for a crisp finish. also, not that i really care about this at a pizza joint, the plating was beautiful. if you haven't yet eaten a monstrous talarico's slice, i would suggest getting out to The West for pizza and polenta.

oh yeah, we also got pizza. i got the aglio e olio (garlic and oil) with arugula and goat cheese. it's basically my go-to, but i'm not tired of it yet. shoot, and i said i would keep this short.

anyhow, go to talarico's. it's awesome. i think on tuesday's they have a special recession happy hour menu. you'll just have to go to find out the details.

well shoot, nevermind. after searching urbanspoon, they DO have a website!

Talarico's Pizza

4718 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

hh daily 4 to 6

Talarico's Pizza on Urbanspoon


Suge White said...

Way to leave comments you bunch of lames.

White Pepper said...

I fucking love that pizza. Damn.

Lar said...

aglio e olio is also my guy. i love that i can get it @ ballroom before my lameduck fremont shows, tho it's maybe not as consistently fire as it is out wesss

Suge White said...

Just went again this weekend and the sausage polenta app was even better