Tuesday, September 16, 2008

marin farmer's market

i almost forgot about this morning jaunt to the marin farmer's market while i was in california. this north bay event is seriously circus-like in the amount of vendors and patrons who turn out every weekend to buy organic peaches, artisan breads, and gluten-free goodies. there were also a couple craft booths, like lampwork glass jewelry and kid's clothing, but nothing serious.

apparently on the day we went, the crowd was "sparse," but i kept my eyes forward so i didn't run into anyone. maybe i'm just not used to farmer's markets being that crazy up here in wa. we stopped at a french baker's tent and bought an olive fougasse (my favorite is from tall grass bakery in ballard only available during the winter months on sundays) and later returned for an anchovy fougasse. the olive one was a little too chewy...we still devoured it, though. the anchovy was the bomb-bomb: toothy but light, crisp exterior, and perfectly salty. yum. sorry for the lack of pick. i didn't have my wits about me.

we also stopped to peruse a seafood vendor hawking oysters, a variety of fish, and smoked tuna. the adjoining grill offered garlic and butter oysters. one for $3 or three for $5. clearly we had to get three...and i wasn't disappointed. oysters can be a little funny for me....especially if they're big. these suckers were pretty hefty, so i ended up cutting mine in half. they were hot (temp) as hell, improved with some cholula and a squeeze of lemon, and effing delicious. sheesh they were good.

on our way out, M. decided to get a pupusa (basically a tortilla stuffed with whatever then grilled). the stand he went to offered vegetarian, gluten-free goodies; so california. anyhow, the tortilla was thick and obviously hand-shaped (which i love), but the pinto bean stuffing majorly-lacked salt. i guess with all this CA healthy living people are afraid to add hypertension-intensifying SALT!!! OMG! the salsa bar was nice, too...the only unfortunate part was that he didn't add enough salsa, and in the end i ate the last pieces because they lacked flavor and dried out. oh well. i can't throw food away, now, can i?!


Anonymous said...

oh snap! pupusas

Suge White said...

twas a bland pile of hippy crap food

TekkaDon Juan said...

speaking of pupusas, there's some pupuseria in the u-dizzy that i've been meaning to try. mayhaps i should cut out for lunch one of these days