Sunday, April 27, 2008

Smarty Pants, "Oh Yeah"

A few weeks ago I had brunch with my brother, B. and L. in Georgetown. My brother raved about the weekend brunch at this spot called Smarty Pants so we headed south. This neighborhood restaurant was very welcoming and the staff were really chill. It was just after 11am so the place was just beginning to fill up. You could tell that within an hour the restaurant would be packed. This restaurant which shares the block with a few other spots is just right off Airport Way in what feels like an empty ghost town.

Since it was brunch time the first thing that came to the table were my drinks. The bloody mary was perfect. The drink had just the right amount of spice and vodka. I would certainly recommend this.

B. and B. both claimed that the Troublemaker Pile-Up was the best thing to eat so all three of us ordered it! This meal consisted of Grilled Chicken, Onions, lots of Monterey Jack Cheese and Bacon served over eggs and hash browns. The best part of the dish was the side of "trouble sauce" that came on the side. Trouble sauce is like spicy mayo...but better. I claimed I was going to eat every bite but left like 3 on the plate. Damn this was good.

My brother explained that they also have this troublemaker on a sandwich without eggs and browns for lunch. That also sounds amazing. Other brunch items include standards like bisicuts and gravy and the monte cristo. You can also explore the huevos panteros or their version of egg in a basket.

L. went with the Corned Beef Hash...he really enjoyed it.

Brunch Saturday and Sunday 10am-2pm
6017 Airport Way S.

I'm hungry....


ndrwmtsn said...

that's the first post in a while that made me actually hungry

l nopen said...

That "Troublemaker" sounds perfect about now. The Highlife looks good too! said...

can we all go there? purrty please?

Anonymous said...

i am NOT a bloody mary guy by any means...i try to get into em but i dont understand em

the bloody here- was fricking unbelievable. horseradished-up and delicious.

my corned beef was super bomb. i would basically eat brunch here every sunday if i had my druthers

ndrwmtsn said...

oh, you forgot your druthers at my house, bro. remind me to get those for you next time... said...

stop being sexual, ndrw.

Anonymous said...

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CrumbYum said...

Yooooo, Ketchup & Soup is going bigtime!!

Mmm, I've eaten at Smarty Pants several times for breakfast and it is worth the visit. I've ordered the same thing the last 2 times, which is some mexican sounding name, but has tortilla chips in the omelet. So delicious I love it and their Bloody Mary's are the truth. Lar called it w/the horseradish.