Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hey remeber me..... CrumbYum!!

I don't know what happened I got hit in the head and forgot how to use the internet. What's blogging?! Moving along....

.....as most of you can guess I started out my Sunday morning relaxing, enjoying a tasty cake (with weeeeeeed), but that was homemade so it doesn't apply to this situation. What does however was my serious hankerin for snacks! I'm gonna skip the grossness I experienced when I "winged it" on mystery asian food at Tony's Bakery next to Viet Wah off of MLK. Stick with the sandwiches there that's my advice. From that experience I knew I needed an epic snack to tie me through that awesome Sunday comedy lineup on Fox. For my condition it needed to be in walking distance. I called Lottie's to confirm they were serving and off I was.

Lotties has been reviewed before on the wonderful world of Ketchup and Soup, however, they are adding and altering their menu regularly. Plus, their happy hour is daily from 4 - 7 and that works for me. $2 domestics; $3 wells and something else was mentioned but I was dddddrinking!

I examined the menu carefully. They have some vegetarian stuff as the owner is a veg head. Salads, soups and sandwiches are their specialties. A pleasant variety of all 3 are offered. I went with a salad with pecans, dried cranberries that were more sweet than tart, gorganzola and 3 choices of dressing. I went with dijon vinigrette! I then added onto the order a smoked turkey sandwich on a tasty baguette bread, but not too hard, with bacon and chive chevre creamy cheese that came with a salad or soup. I went with the soup cause it was a clam chowder!

I think the salad was $6.50 and my soup & sando combo was $8. I also added on 3 whiskey's on the rocks and a steam anchor. Very nice. I told the waitress that they may want to make my order a special package cause it was a perfect complimentary treat. Nice thick layers of smoked turkey with a layer of good bacon on top. The cheese got a little messy squishing out the sides, but I suffered through it. The clam chowder was right on too cause it was FULL of clam chunks and was saturated with butter or cream so it was on the lighter side and I got to really taste it. Me likey. The salad was a great treat as well. Allowed them to get a little creative and play with different ingredients that don't normally go together and the vinigrette was spot on.

That's my review. Enjoy all!

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