Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crepe de France

I got a text from some friends Sunday a.m. with a craving for crepes. Specifically crepes at Crepe de France in the Pike Place Market. So 5 of us piled into the Frito Lay Malibu and headed to the Market. Now the crepe gods must have been shining on us as we found a parking place right in front of the ticket booth. We marched into Crepe de France and again the gods were looking out for us because in this tiny corner of the Market, space is limited. We were fortunate enough to be the only people in line to order and we procured a table that had seating for the 5 of us. Right on our heels were a dozen more hungry crepe fiends. I could feel their envy as we settled down with our coffee ($1.95..refills $.75) to wait for our crepes.

Four of us ordered the No. 7 Crepe Dujour ($9.95) with ham, mozzarella cheese, spinach, and mushrooms all wrapped up in a perfect crepe. I am a pretty big breakfast eater and this was plenty filling for me. It is served as soon as it is done so you get it hot and fresh. The saltiness of the ham and the flavor of the fresh spinach really complimented the sweetness of the thin crepe it was wrapped in. It was a hit with all of us who ordered it.

Bnopen ordered the Vegetarien Crepe ($9.95). I know "vegetarian" is spelled wrong, but that is their spelling. Inside this little bundle of goodness was cucumber, peppers, onion, mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes. She left nothing but the memory of this on her plate!

A visit here is not complete without one of their desert crepes ($8.45). They are plenty big enough to share between a couple of people.
This is strawberry with creme freche and loads of whip cream.

This is the chocolate and banana crepe. Again creme freche and lots of whip cream.

All in all this was a great start to a cool and cloudy Sunday morning.

93 Pike St., No. 4
Hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday- Friday; 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday- Sunday

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TekkaDon Juan said...

awesome first post, LNopen! you just made me so hungry for breakfast!!!!

White Pepper said...

I am so into savory crepes. The sound of ham, mozzarella cheese, spinach, and mushrooms is amazing.

You should come up to the hill sometime and try the crepes at 611 Supreme, they also have some really nice wines.

Welcome to Ketchup and Soup!

l nopen said...

Thanks for inviting me in! Will try to be a worthy contributor:-) Let me know if I get carried away with my views on wine! said...

excellent post. i really wish i could eat crepes.


Anonymous said...

this may actually make me eat a crepe! i've been on the fence for awhile. dessert crepe is a nobrainer. good post!

Suge White said...

I do not do crepes


Lucas (no clever alias) said...

Gotta love the pink Harley-Davidson shirt!

ndrwmtsn said...

i went to the crepe stand on pike after i took l&s to the airport. i had the spinach, proscuitto, swiss, mushroom one. it was the bomb.

i got diarrhea immediately afterwards, but that was because i ate three serrano peppers the night before, too inebriated to forsee any consequences.