Wednesday, April 2, 2008

22 Doors

I am hot and cold about 15th avenue on cap hill but when the weather gets nice...I am all about it. Mainly because I work on 18th and the walk to meet people for happy hour is reasonable.

I have been to 22 Doors like 3 times, all of which were for happy hour and a few cocktails. They have a really cute back patio that is perfect for the summer time and rarely packed if you arrive close to 5pm. The menu has that mix between burgers and pacific northwest main courses. The prices range from 5 dollar happy hour to over 12 dollars. I was in last week for a quick snack with a co-worker who suggested we grab a drink or 2 and catch up.

We started with a few drinks. She went for the rose' which was really light and had a hint of fruit. I thought it was quite good and the server told us it was something he also enjoyed.

The name of the drink I ordered has completely escaped me and when I went to the 22 Doors website --it appears as if they let their domain name expire. What I can tell you is that it was basically a "dark and stormy" with a interesting fruit twist. I do not typically order fruit backed drinks but I am a huge fan of ginger beer. It was good, but I did not order two.

Then we got down on some Shoestring Fries which came dressed in truffle oil and a side of rosemary aioli. These fries were perfectly cooked...if you cannot tell from the pic. When I was looking for their website I noticed that lots of people in this city love these fries.

We also ordered the Artisan Cheese Plate which was filled with imported cheeses and cheese from Washington's own, Estrella Family Creamery. I have no idea what exactly we were eating but the cheeses were tasty. Whatever the cheese was on the top-left side of the plate, it was amazing. It was a soft cheese with a little bit of salt.

Our server was cool and friendly, I am sure I will be back this summer.

405 15th Ave E
Seattle, WA
Daily 5pm-2am
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TekkaDon Juan said...

hmm, sounds interesting. were the fries on the hh menu? i love fries...esp with truffle oil. ive never been to 22 doors since ive never know what it's all about, but perhaps you've changed my mind.

White Pepper said...

Yeah fries are on HH...I think they are only 5 bucks...

they are damn tasty, you would love them

ndrwmtsn said...

i been there they got fancy drinks. in the summer it is nice to go outside and sit under their giant canvas tarp