Monday, February 18, 2008

Portland: My Father's Place

After an improptu trip to Portland with CR and friends we hit My Father's Place for breakfast the day after the show. This menu was huge and I wish they had a website because I cannot even remember everything on it.

When we walked in it was hard to see our friends through the huge cloud of smoke. I forgot that the same no smoking rules do not apply in Ptown. I can deal with smoking in bars, I just cannot deal with smoking around my food. As a child of the 70s, I grew up with this and could never get past the grossness and embrace the cool "i dont give a fuck" side of it.

There were about 9 of us and we took a huge table in the middle of the restaurant. Our server reminded me of Ma Fratelli (Goonies) but taller. She was abrubt but too the point. She got our drinks and that was all I needed to feel better at that moment.

As the food started to come out around me I noticed that the portions and the grease factor was huge. Then out came my Country Benedict, which is basically a pork sausage patty on biscuits, poached eggs, topped with country gravy. (Now if you read the posts about my trip to SF, you will see I have grown to love country bene) The gravy was great and the hash browns were amazing. I didnt care much for the taste of the sausage, but this dish was exactly what you would expect from this place.

L. had the porkchop breakfast and some pancakes:

Every time I go to Portland I usually end up eating breakfast at Doug Fir or the Acrop. This was a nice change and a new menu to check out. If you can put up with a bunch of rockstar hipsters chain smoking with a killer jukebox blaring in the back then this place is for you.

523 SE Grand Ave
Portland, OR 97214

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TekkaDon Juan said...

pancakes soaking up cigarette smoke like a hungry sponge sounds pretty gross. damn you and your country bene...i love sausage gravy and biscuits...if only i could find it in a veg version.