Sunday, February 3, 2008


Kopp's Frozen Custard was the spot I would beg my mom to take me for any occasion I could think of when I was a kid. My brother and I could always count on my aunt to also take us there because she too was rather big on the spot. I remember trying to eat 2 scoops of frozen custard while it melted all over the backseat of her Gremlin. Growing up I had no idea what a true treasure frozen custard really was....until we moved thousands of miles away from Wisconsin to the wonderful town of Spokane WA. Please.

A recent trip to Milwaukee proved that the same quality and taste is still happening at Kopp's. Now if you haven't ever had frozen custard which is a standard and product of the midwest-- then you are missing out. In comparison to ice cream, custard has additional butterfat and egg yolk giving it a smooth creamy rich texture. Preparation also differs than ice cream through an overrun process that adds less air to the custard than ice cream. On the daily Kopp's serves chocolate and vanilla custard along with an extra flavor of the day. I tend to stick with the vanilla but have been known to venture out if inspired.

Check out other flavors here.

One of the best things about this spot is seeing the custard made right in front of your eyes. When you get served it is so fresh, there is no way any other dessert is coming close to this.

We went to Kopp's twice during our trip. L. was addicted. Below is his first go at it with the chocolate truffle.

Now, I know it will not be the same as getting it fresh but Kopp's will ship you 10 flavors of your choice right to your door. My birthday is right around the corner...midwest express.


TekkaDon Juan said...

so amazing. one of my old coworkers moved out here from green bay, and he raved and raved about custard all day long, and he wanted to get it shipped out from kopps! hahaha, so funny. he eventually gave up because he realized that shipping was something ridiculous, like $75. instead he bought a flight out there and enjoyed some in person. :) great post.

Anonymous said...


i can't possibly articulate how good this shit is

hog heaven

plus the interior is all stainless steel, i thought i was in hollywood or something

the line of cows (featuring one lone black cow) in the parking lot = priceless

l nopen said...

Feels like time to fire up the "Frozen Custard Machine" Thanks to a great Christmas gift a few years ago from WP I can make my own at home.
Anyone wanna stir????

Rachel Ray said...

Yeah the custard is crackin, but after the cheeseburgers the size of your fuckin head smothered in onions, the custard is the equivalent of Syrup of epicac.