Friday, February 1, 2008

Cousins Subs: Not available in Seattle

Cousins Subs is a midwest sandwich place which started in Milwaukee, WI. They have a few locations in Arizona and one in Texas and California... but thats about it. The rest of the locations are sprinkled around Gods country. Founded in 1972 this place has got one of my favorite sandwiches ever made. Something about the bread and the sprinkling of oregano makes this in my top 10 list of favorite foods. EVER.

Let me introduce the provolone sub which comes with mayo, lettuce, onion, tomatoes and seasoned with oregano. All of the sandwiches come standard with the MLOT and oregano. It is the simplicity of this sandwich and the amazing bread that make this sandwich the BOMB.

Cousins comes through with a solid list of options. Favorites in my family are the Tuna, Club and BLT. Over the years they started making hot sandwiches like a standard Philly Cheese Steak and added fries. I also saw an advertisement for some sort of Chicken Bacon Bonanza...but I'm sticking with the original cold sandwiches.

I fucking love this place. Every time I go to Milwaukee I try to eat at one of the 18 locations around the least more than once. My brother and I have tried several times to find out what mayo they use and have even tried to figure out how we could open a franchise here in Seattle. To my dismay I found that Cousins is not registered in Washington, wtf.

Perhaps it is the history we have with this place but even other people we have introduced have co-signed these sandwiches. I wonder how much it would cost to have them ship a sandwich overnight...


TekkaDon Juan said...

so what is that bread all about? is it crusty like a baguette and soft like a sub in the middle?

i feel like ive been missing out for years and years. ive spent a lot of time in milwaukee as a kid and dont remember visiting a cousins. wtf uncle russ?!?!?!?!

fuck yo sandwich said...

I am still pissed i didn't get a sandwich after picking your custard covered asses up at the airport

White Pepper said...

fuck yo sandwich,
im sorry your dad wouldnt take us to the spot before the airport. i think i might try and order one to be shipped out here.

you are right the best way to describe it might be crusty baguette and then soft inside. its just the perfect balance. your uncle russ is trippin.