Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back at the Redwood

So its hard to not go to a place that is within two blocks of your house even if you reviewed their food once and were not impressed. Whatever, they have good STRONG drinks and they are always empty around 6pm. Welcome back to the Redwood.

My brother wanted to grab some snacks to celebrate my recent birthday and once I mentioned this place had food, he was very curious. The menu compliments the decor with a bunch of bbq southern inspired dishes ranging from burgers to chili. Since the last time I ate at this place, they have made some changes to the menu and from a quick glance it looks like they have more options. The lighting in this spot is dim so good luck making out the pictures.

Here are the amazing deep fried cream corn nuggets:

These corn nuggets were amazing and very hot. I think everyone at the table agreed these were the best dish we had. The dipping sauce was nice and spicy, a hot ranch sauce maybe?

We also tried the green bean casserole:

I do love green bean casserole, but this missed the mark. I think if it would have been hot, it would have been ok. I think casserole should always be served hot or else the consistency is just not tight.

My mind escapes me on this one, it might have been some kind of burger. perhaps the person who ate it can offer some commentary:

I had a foot long hot dog that came topped with BACON and cheese:

This thing was pretty good, the bacon was way overcooked...but it still tasted like bacon so it was a win. In the end its good to know you can get some really nice comfort foods just down the street.

If you are curious about the fries, well they are sweet potatoes. Two of us at the table are not fans and the other one was in love with them. Now me personally, I do not like sweet and so these are not preferred over your regular russet potato. I love salt. My brother schooled us on the best way to cook fries so since I have you here I will pass along this suggestion.

1. Cook your fries in hot oil about 350 degrees til they are lightly golden
2. Pull out your fries and throw them in the fridge until they cool down
3. Throw your fries back into hot oil 350-375 degrees and fry til crispy

This suggestion could make the perfect fry. Who knows, I might try it.

See you at the Redwood, I might be just drinking or eating the corn nuggets.

514 E Howell St
Seattle, WA 98102


Anonymous said...

chili cheese burger. less than stunning but doable.
yeah on those sweetass potato fries and YES on the corn nuglets

TekkaDon Juan said...

i love those stupid creamed corn tots. the last time i had them was admittedly last summer, but i remember them being EXTREMELY hot, molten, and delicious. that spicy ranch is so key, too. those creamed corn dusters make the hush puppies pale in comparison.

jelly belly brother said...

I would do the fries at 325. But 350 is ok to but for the perfect crispy fry 325 until the slightest color.. you could even freeze them at this point and then just bust them out when you want some delicious fries. creamed corn nuggets are my new obsession, trying to figure it out. may just see those pop up on a fancy restaurant menu in the summer......

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