Saturday, March 7, 2009


I was looking though my phone and laughing at the pictures from my trip with Carbo to LA and San Diego...within these hot pics I also came across a few images of places we ate. One of the nice treats was having Pink Berry for breakfast on our way out of San Diego. Pink Berry dining opportunities are only available to you if you are in Cali or NYC.

With the top down in our sweet rental we drove to the local Pink Berry.

Often imitated in bootleg frozen yogurt shops all over this city the design concept is so clean and on point at Pinkberry. Detail is given to the floor, chairs, lamps, glass and everywhere you look. It was extremely comfortable in a strange sort of mind controlling way.

The staff were nice and extremely well groomed. I am sure that is a requirement some sort of pink berry brand.

All of the toppings looked very fresh, the fruit was almost fake looking and the nuts had a gloss on them. I imagined that someone went through every piece of fruit and nut getting rid of anything that looked damaged or irregular shaped. I should also mention it was spotless in there.

I dont really like fruit as much as I adore salt. I do however love I went with the original yogurt with almonds and coconut.

We sat in the Cali sun and enjoyed our breakfast, after the night we had it was just what I needed. I love frozen yogurt and enjoy most bootleg recipes that I have tried. Pinkberry however has this extra tart kick that makes it very much superior. Then again, now that I think about it I may have been brainwashed in that store.


TekkaDon Juan said...

omg, you visited the holy land?!?! how did i not hear of this until now? it does look like a sanatorium in there. mind-control = great observation. i love effing forzen yogurt so much. i just had some fauxbeezie on friday. i must say, at first i was a fauxberry-preferrer, but now i think i'm more in love with red mango. first of all, red mango is an authentic, korean chain, but secondly, their yogurt is creamier and more tart than fauxbeezy's. i only realized this because i had near back-to-back experiences at both yogurt purveyors. the only thing that pissed me off about red mango is that in bellevue square, they have a digi scale and EFFING WEIGHED my small portion. wtf, cheapskate? you suck so bad.

i'm so jealous you had the real deal. i'm mad at you, now.


TekkaDon Juan said...

ps, a sebring. LOL. i can't stop thinking about the office

CarboOverload said...

I think Utopia in Uwajimaya may be just as good as pinkberry...and they don't brainwash you. that dude working the counter in SD was freaky! He was definitely brainwashed.

deuce jeweler said...

mmm. good tip, because when i'm at work, i need somewhere within biking distance to satisfy my froyo craving. thanks CO!

ndrwmtsn said...

i would have ordered that, too.

Anonymous said...

there's a gloss on my nuts too

Suge White said...

I completely do not get the yogurt craze It’s kind of OK but kind of oddly textured, tangy and weird.