Monday, March 30, 2009

Casa Que Pasa: Bellingham

i did not take this photo, stole it from their myspace

Its been far to long since my last post. No excuses. But I have been running myself all over the place the past month. And I really havent been going out to eat as much lately in an attempt to save money, you know...economy. I have found some great cheaps eats along the way and will make sure to post more this coming month. One weekend trip a few weeks back was up to Bellingham with some friends to see a show. We got into town and all realized we should eat some dinner before we hit the club. I now sort of wish we would have hit the pizza spot because I bet Saigon would have been there. Anyway, we went to Casa Que Pasa, L. had been there before and was talking about how awesome their potato burrito was, naturally I was intrigued. In my mind it had to be good for him to claim some sort of veggie burrito was worth his time.

The menu was full of burritos, quesadilla, tostadas, carnitas basic mexican food choices. We started with some drinks. The margarita was intense, I immediately knew I was in a college town in a college bar because this house tequilla was bad, I mean real bad....and I am cool with well alcohol in a mixed drink most times. Damn, just another sign I am getting old.

We also shared the chips and guac, which we all ate so fast and not because they were good, because they weren't but because we were starving. The chips were not made in house and my apologies if they were because if that is the case they were stale. The guac was okay, but we didnt even eat all of it and well, that never happens.

General report was that the food was okay. I did order the potato burrito and so did L. Apparently "world famous" this burrito has battered and fried potatos mixed with beans, cheese and a creamy red chile sauce. The first bite I knew that this was not a healthy choice. The fried potatoes were good but the huge helping of refried beans took up too much of the burrito, this thing could have been smaller and did not require all of those beans! I swear the load up on the beans to make the burrito look huge. Not necessary. I did like the spicy cream sauce, nice addition. It could have used maybe some lettuce or something because it was quite the gut bomb.

Service was okay, ambiance was chill, its an okay place to grab something cheap and fast.

1415 Railroad Avenue
Bellingham, WA
Mon-Sun 11am-1am


l nopen said...

How come L looks so angry behind that 'rita?

deuce jeweler said...

^ i know, seriously! he's so pissed that the chips are stale!

even though a burrito with fried & battered potatoes is not the most nutritional option, it sure does sound good.

to make my own at home, taco style:

make TJ's chipotle ranch fries
place in bottom of corn tortillas
add green onion/chopped red onion
sauce w mixture of sour cream and chipotle chilis.


White Pepper said...

Oh he was trying to read his phone and since he is getting old hes losing his vision. The dude needs glasses for real.

Taybot said...

i used to live in bham and I went here all the time but yea in retrospect, it's not that crackin

ndrwmtsn said...

looks gross

lar said...

used to be a LOT better

and that makes me ANGRY

Anonymous said...

green magma quesidilla is the best thing going at Casa

Jumbo44 said...

I haven't been there in a while, but I can tell you that the potato burrito is MUCH better with pinto or black (or even better, spicy pintos!!) beans, than with refried.. Sad to hear that things are not as they once were.. this place is a classic.

stuck@work said...

I was at Casa yesterday. Live in Seattle and everytime my hubby and I are in Bham, we go to Casa just for the potato burrito. You're all crazy; the burrito is still super yummy. The sauce, oh, the sauce... I must learn how to make one similar.

Tyler said...

Potato burrito is off the chain. Your review of casa que pasa was garbage and nit picky beyond belief. From a 4+ year resident of bellingham, I strongly strongly strongly disagree.