Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Order the Pink Tacos

So as White Pepper mentioned in a previous blog, our food experience in CA was not all bad. One example, Pink Taco. Once I was able to get out of bed after being poisoned at Craft, Mexican food sounded good. Mainly the chips b/c they seemed comforting--and you can't get poisoned by your run of the mill chip.

I'd heard of Pink Taco, mainly for it's notoriety in AZ (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink_Taco), because some concerned citizens were disapproving of the restaurant's name. We were in Century City, near a mall that housed the large chain restaurant. Upon walking in I was pleasantly surprised. It is a very kitschy, but larger-than-life, ambiance. The music was rockin', staff was friendly and food was muy bueno...as they say in Mexico.

But alas, again it was bittersweet b/c I was only able to stomach about a 1/8 of my plate and white pepper not much more. We could tell it was delicious. The chips came w/ two salsas--a regular and a roasted tomatillo, we ordered a side of guacamole, didn't even put a dent in it, WP had the chicken tacos, me the famous namesake, Pink Tacos. I had a beer, she a watermelon margarita (we were able to finish the beverages). We tried to pack it up and take it home--but didn't have a fridge to keep it safe. Usually I would have said fuck it, but not this time...

The good news. I happened to find myself in the same LA neighborhood about 3 weeks later. So I made a point to return. Again, upon walking in I was pleasantly surprised. It was FAT TUESDAY, which equals party time at Pink Taco complete w/ djs, drink specials and beads. I ordered almost everything the same and we were right the first time the food is awesome!

Hope a Pink Taco opens in Seattle.


TekkaDon Juan said...

lol. i would never in a million years have guess that the food there is bomb. my first experience with pink taco was when one of my friends showed up, back from vegas, with a black beater with "pink taco" emblazoned and bejeweled across the chest. lol.

White Pepper said...

the food was pretty good especially the chips!

i posted more pics of our tacos and the amazing guac.

nicely written carbo

l nopen said...

I've been to the Pink Taco @ Hard Rock in LV. I could've eaten a ton of their chips & guac! A big plus was the beer was ICE cold.