Monday, January 5, 2009

a questionable appetizer

i love pickles. i love fried food (who doesn't?). fried pickles seem like a no-brainer, non? over the years i've shied away from this novelty simply because my favorite part is the refreshing snap of biting into an icy cold pickle. a hot, sour pickle sounded disgusting.

along comes the people's pub's fried pickle appetizer. OMG. after a chilly afternoon of shopping post seattle winter apocalype, J and i met up with M and G in ballard for some simple german food.

THESE. PICKLES. ARE. BOMB. get thee to a fried pickle purveyor.

we also ate real people food, but i was so hungry, and the lighting was so dim, that i didn't capture my field roast sandwich, J's spaetzle with cheese and rotkohl, and the boys' meatfest.

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Suge White said...

They were amazingly good. I too thought a warm pickle would be gross but it wasn't. It was perfectly fried. I must have more!

Lnopen said...

The name (fried pickle) sounds so wrong!
But the description sounds so right!!
Guess I gotta give this a try.

Anonymous said...

that sounds REALLY good