Saturday, January 24, 2009


the other day my coworker and i were shopping at tj's and had a mini cup of the day's sample: chipotle ranch fries.

simultaneously, we both had a hankering for some serious, hot french fries, and agreed that blue moon burgers just around the corner from our office was exactly what we needed. i wasn't aware of this, but BMB offers half priced food every wednesday during their happy hour.

since both G and i stay at work on the later side, we decided to snack during the day and snag burgers at 3 (hh from 3-6). after an excruciating wait for BMB's happy hour, G rang me up about 5 to 3:00 and asked if i was ready. i already had my coat on with wallet in hand, and we dashed out the door.

the interior is pretty classic burget joint. the walls are covered in local show and event posters, and the floor is checkered red and white. there are two levels; the first is lowered with plenty of tables and chairs (note: no booths); the second is elevated about 6 steps with a soda fountain, condiment station, a few tables, and the kitchen.

though this picture is from blue moon's fremont location, it reminds me that yes, they DO serve beer (what's the point of happy hour without special beverages, right?!?). also, take note of the chalkboard menu, which is also available for viewing on their website.

i ordered the southwest burger with a grilled original garden burger. i'm not a huge garden burger lover, but with all the accoutrements, i needed a clean slate to taste the combo of buffalo mayo, jalapeno bottle caps, and onion/lettuce/tomato. the jalapeno caps were THE SHIT. holy cow, thick buttons of battered and fried jalapenos should be added to everything. they were juicy, not too hot, and fresh.

my burger was juicy, incredibly flavorful, smoky, and hot (both temp and spice). the kaiser bun was fresh, tender, and not too bready (i usually end up picking off some bun because it's too big and overlaps the burger like a fluffy curtain). the patty and fixin's lined up perfectly with the edges of the bun, a characteristic i never knew i wanted but now am in love with. the buffalo mayo and jalapenos were the perfect amount of heat for me. i thoroughly chewed each jalapeno to release all the of the flavor and spice, leaving my mouth tingly for several minutes (yay!). this burger was transcendent. i was glowing and couldn't stop talking about it!

G ordered the classic hamburger with a kobe beef patty. the funny part was that we took our orders to go and ate them at our respective desks. i ate mine so quickly that i was embarassed to get up and see how hers was. about half an hour later, i walked over to her desk, and she said it was amazingly delicious and she devoured it like a vacuum.

and how could i fail to mention my check total: $3.79 (and that includes the extra $.50 for the veg patty!)

blue moon burgers, i love you. i love you so much i made you my FB status (nerding out, admittedly) and i told all my friends. G and i are even starting a new wednesday tradition: BMB happy hour.

thanks for the memories, BMB, i'll see you in a few days.

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