Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Saint

We arrived to The Saint at about 4:45pm....they do not open until 5pm and after we waited for a few minuets outside we were invited in and told we could wait until they were ready. awesome. The service was fun and casual...our bartender and self-proclaimed capitol hill rock star made casual convo and provided entertaining banter with me and my friend. We started with the Flight to Tequila, which features 3 selected cocktails. Our flight consisted of the Honeysuckle (tequila, lemon and honey), Fresas (strawberry infused tequila) and the Sayulita (tequila, campari and elderflower). My fave was the honeysuckle...I did not taste the fresas (i do not do strawberries)...but my co-diner happened to really like it! The presentation was fun with the wood tray and the small cocktail glasses.

We started with the guacamole which also comes with three fresh salsas. I really liked the smokey flavor of the red sauce and the tangy taste of the green. The pico was also really nice and had a strong cilantro back. The chips were hot and perfectly salted.

We also got down on some of the ceviche. The fish was tilapia and it was very mild, not fishy at all! The citrus marinade was also very mild. I think this dish could have used more heat but overall it was very tasty. The marinated slaw in the center of the plate also served as a nice salad not just a garnish.

We also shared the empanadas with chicken. I thought they were a bit greasy and not the baked flaky pastry that I truly tend to love about them. They were also served with the marinated carrots, onion and cabbage slaw and some of that nice smoky salsa.

Other menu items included camarones, tacos, carne asada and chicken mole. The overall menu is very small but I think it is perfect for the size of the place. The food is simple but tasty, I am happy to know that chips this good are available on the hill. The happy hour from 5-6pm allows you to cash in on their dishes for half price. The 11 or so specialty cocktails do not go down in price and will set you back about 11-14 bucks or 16 for the flight. If you really want a to cash in on your deal you can drink the tecate and that will only drain you 3 bucks. I hear this place gets pretty busy on the weekend, but at 5pm weekdays it is still a quiet place to grab a drink and head home. RIP Wingdome, you were good but this food is way better.

1416 E Olive Way
Seattle, WA 98127
They do take reservations, and I would do it...the place is small.
(206) 323-9922
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TekkaDon Juan said...

the saint....good choice for a review. i've gone by there about a zillion times since it opened but am never really into parking in that area, which, as you know, is something fierce.

however, i happened to go there the other day for a post downtown excursion, and the sayulita was the bomb. it was perfectly sweet/bitter (thanks, campari), and the elderflower was a nice, complimentary flavor.

i only had the chips and guac, which were good (not quite moose good, but damn, this is way closer).

the place is cute, and i like the simple design/colors. it is super small, so strategy is key in finding a seat on a friday evening.

i think this is a great hh spot, but shoot, fancy tequila drinks are expensive no matter where you go.

Suge White said...

Never ever ever eat talapia. Its gross. Farmed fish are all pretty gross but talapia takes They are used to eat the waste of the more expensive farm raised Salmon.


Suge White said...

And by waste I mean POOP.

ndrwmtsn said...

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you might think it's gross, but those black pigs are tasty as all get out. said...

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ndrw is incredibly racist for saying that.

Anonymous said...

special black pig?

black po-lice showin out for the white cop!