Monday, June 9, 2008

hillside (not-so)quickies

when i was in school, hillside quickie, a goofy, tiny, somewhat-ramshackle sandwich shop on the corner of brooklyn and 41st, provided me with countless delicious, vegan lunches. however, don't be deceived! don't expect to go to hillside quickie for lightening-fast takeout; it generally takes 10-15 minutes to prepare any of the sandwiches on its lengthy menu.

recently i convinced my coworker that these sandwiches are the bomb, so i called in an order from work, then walked down to the shop just in time for the seitan to come hot out of the pan.

i went with the jamaican seitan sub with light vegannaise. this was served on a toothy, seven grain roll with a tangy red cabbage coleslaw, caramelized onions, potato salad, tomato slices, and hot (temp), jerk seitan. although quite messy, this sub was delectable and filling. i suggest slowly unwrapping the foil to maintain the sandwich's integrity.

my coworker went with the TLT (tofu, lettuce, tomato). she said it was refreshing, tasty, and perfectly satisfying. she said that it was incredibly flavorful and the perfect size for lunch.

i really enjoy hillside quickie, i just don't love the wait. i always have to make sure to plan ahead if i want HQ for lunch since it's perfectly timed to walk there from my work if i call in an order.

HQ also offers non-sandwich items such as pizza, macaroni and yease, fries, soups, salads, burgers, breakfast, and even sweets! i think even the most anti-meat-free diners will find something to enjoy here.

Hillside Quickies Vegan Sandwich Shop
4106 Brooklyn Ave
Seattle Wa. 98105
11 am - 9 pm Monday - Friday
12 pm - 9 pm Saturday
closed Sunday
(206) 632-3037

Hillside Quickie's Cafe
324 15th Ave E.
Seattle WA 98112
12 pm - 8 pm Monday - Tuesday
12 am - 9 pm Wednesday - Friday
12 am - 7 pm Saturday
closed Sunday
(206) 325-6429

Quickie Too
1324 So MLK Way
Tacoma, WA 98405
11 am - 8 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday
11 am - 5 pm Tuesday, Tursday, Saturday, Sunday
(253) 572-4549

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Suge White said...

eating there means the terroists have won

White Pepper said...

havent been in ages, had the same slow problem up here on 15th.

sandwiches rule

Anonymous said...

i'm a big fan of this place...i've only ever been there w/ the Lifesavas for some reason.

[/sweet namedrop]

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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