Thursday, June 26, 2008


I went to Quinn's a few months ago so my brother could try their burger. Somewhere he read that their burger was one of the best in the city. I took pics of our entire spread which included a wide array of starters, salads and entrees but when I got home I realized it was so freakin dark in there that the photos were garbage.

L. and I went the other night because he was craving a burger and I got some better pics. We started with the pretzel snack and the starter bread salad. I love this savory pretzel and welsh rarebit dipping sauce...I am not sure what to make of it but it is like a creamy cheese and mustard. It is so bomb. The pretzel was very hot and had a crispy outside and a soft inside. I love bread! We also started with the bread salad which is just alright. The bread is way too soft and the lettuce was a little brown. My favorite bread salad is the one at Dahlia Lounge and that is because the bread is crusty and the amazing cheese and spices make it the perfect mix...Quinn's could take a lesson in that.

So below is the coveted "snake river farms" wagyu beef burger with cheddar and bacon. Note the kick ass cow pick alerting you that your burger is cooked to your preference, nice touch. The fries are bomb and someone told me they cook them in duck fat. Wow. L. commented on the bun several times and was impressed how the bread just soaked up the juices and cheese. Overall this looked like an amazing choice. This burger is no joke, it will set you back 12bucks.

Last time I was at Quinn's I had pork sausage. This time I went for the buttermilk chicken breast which came with potato salad, coleslaw and a biscuit and a nice little touch of foie gras gravy. At first the thought of foie gras gravy through me off but I knew it would be rich and tasty if I just didnt think about those fat little bird. The potato salad was WAY too salty and the coleslaw was subpar...but that chicken was very tasty and hearty. I wanted to stop eating it so I could have leftovers, but I could not help myself. The coating on the chicken was light and not greasy at all. Perfect.

Quinn's gets really busy on the weekends and at regular dinner hours but you can catch a meal here until 1am. They have large selection of beers and a full on bar with some really nice whiskey choices.

1001 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122


Anonymous said...

this place is all about meat and salt. a spot after my own heart.

TekkaDon Juan said...

i was curious about quinns for a long time, but after reading review after review dubbing it a "gastro-pub," i was so turned off that i completely shut it out of my mental wait list.

i think this could be a nice place for an early dinner on a weekday. i just had how crowded it gets...standing room only-style.

i'm glad you went, though, so i could get the scoop.

ndrwmtsn said...

why would a vegetarian go here