Saturday, May 17, 2008

Senor Moose Cafe for Brunch

A few weeks ago before going to see Ironman we had brunch at Senor Moose Cafe. Yeah, I said was awesome and so was brunch. As you may have read we have reviewed the dinner at senor moose, which was also quite amazing. Since it was brunch it was time to start with some mimosas. They were tasty and came in nice big cold glasses. perfect.

Then out came the esquites with some tortillas and lime. The cheese was overflowing the bowl and the corn was soaked in rich cream and spices. Damn, it was so good. It was gone in minutes.

We also enjoyed some of their guacamole, which came with fresh chips. I love this guacamole because of its simple spices allowing the flavors of the vegetables to really come through. I sincerely love these chips.

Since it has been too long since we went out, I cannot for the life of me remember what the people had who I was with....sorry. Enjoy the photos and peep their menu online.

A. and R.

I had scrambled eggs with chorizo. This dish was perfectly spicy and rich. I also enjoyed the potatoes and beans. All around this was a good brunch dish, I have even thought about making this at home.

After brunch it was off to more cocktails and then the movie which at this point, I have already seen twice. I seriously need to stop writing these posts before I eat. I am tempted to take a cab to this spot for some esquites.


TekkaDon Juan said...

tasty post. tasty brunch. mmm. dammit, i need to not read these at work before lunch. wtf!

Anonymous said...

damn now im mad too.
i want some more of that, stat

White Pepper said...

lets plan a trip back to ballard, alert grynch

CrumbYum said...

Ooooh, i have eaten dinenr here and this place is soooo good. maybe it's because someone paid for me, but I don't think so. It's been a while since I ate there, but I had some pork enchiladas I think and fuck off if they weren't the tastiest thing. i'm really hungry and wish my boss would leave so I could go get happy hour...NOW!! said...

i actually had a dream about this quacamole last night. and the chips. gotdamn.

definitely gotta go back to ballard! GRYYYYYYYYNCH!