Monday, May 19, 2008


unfortunately, some friends and i were hungry before a show in fremont several weeks ago. the worst part about heading to a show around 9 is that if you forget to eat or don't have time to before you leave, you have to eat some crappy bar food right before the performance. we were all pissed to have to order something, but dammit, we were hungry.

the nearest food haven happened to be norm's, and since we had eaten here loooooong ago, we figured it would be our best bet. we arrived a little bit after 9, and the place was nearly empty. we chose a table in the rear of the restaurant next to an area with couches surrounding a low table.

at first we just ordered drinks from the bar, but then we decided to eat. big mistake. there was one waitress running around serving both everyone and no one, since she looked assiduously busy, yet she never acknowledged our presence. in fact, we had to walk to the bar to ask for menus.

after about 20 minutes of sitting with our menus, we finally flagged down the waitress who took our order as if we slapped her in the face and then asked her to polish our shoes. needless to say, she was not a happy camper.

L ordered the meatloaf prior to our arrival, and below is what he received:

the meatloaf was an intriguing choice for a pre-performance meal, but hey, to each his own. L said the loaf was tasty, the asparagus was well-cooked, but the mashed potatoes were more like a wet, gooey mess than actual food.

by the time we got our order in and received our food, the couch area next to us was quickly filled with a gang of douche-/ho-bags; very loud, obnoxious, tequila-and-then-jaeger-shooting a-holes. at least the fries were so bomb that i could focus on how hot and delicious they were rather than the loud idiots next to us.

the fries were super hot, perfectly golden, and served with substantial salt and freshly-cracked pepper. there's just something about potatoes with fresh pepper. wow. i'm getting hungry.

S ordered the veggie burger. little did she know that she would receive an overly-toasted, dry-ass bun with a lone, tasteless, crusty, freezer-burned veggie patty on top. a slice of tomato, pickle, and lettuce were served on the side, which is a nice touch, but there wasn't a damn element that added any moisture or richness to the sandwich!!! THERE WAS NO CHEESE NOR MAYONNAISE, WHAT THE HELLL?!?! her fries were bomb, as were mine, but shoot, what a sorry excuse for a veggie burger!

thank god we quickly finished our meal, then departed for the show; away from the traveling band of D.B. gypsies taking random shots and clinking bottles of bud light together. thanks for the fremont friday night experience, norm's.

460 N 36th St
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 547-1417

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White Pepper said...

that has got to be the worst sandwich i ever ate. service was way rough too. and i can co-sign the other patrons being very annoying...that one dude who kept yelling cabo was the worst.

stick to the fries and order drinks from the bar.

l nopen said...

Damn.....I figured we would have our next family holiday at this joint. L