Thursday, May 8, 2008

La Casa Del Mojito

La Casa Del Mojito...

Upon invitation to dinner from our friends who hold down the Wallingford/U-District area they picked this spot they've had many a good time at... including Valentines Day...awwhhh. They have been talking about it for months and finally our schedules all lined up for the night. From the outside you would not be able to tell the amazing menu they have inside. The restaurant was filled with some college kids and some obvious regulars. Colorful artwork lined the walls, everything from paintings to tapestry stuff. I could tell moments after sitting down that the food was gonna be really damn good.

We started with some cocktails. The clear winner for me was the mojito...which was exactly what I needed. As my lady friend put had the perfect amount of mint- making it not just a rum and soda. L. had the Caipirinha, which if you didnt know is the national drink of Brazil made with Cachaca (basically distilled fermented sugarcane). I thought it was nice, but a bit too sweet for me. These drinks were strong and will only set you back 7bucks. I am pretty sure we had more than one round.

Since we were all starving we started with Luam's Platter. This plate came decorated with Yuca Frita, Tostones, Maduros and Guasacaca. I can try and translate this appetizer for my non latin food experienced readers. The Yuca Frita is on the top right, kind of like a fried potato but a lil' more sweet, but still kinda starchy. The Tostones are on the top left of the plate and are fried plantain cakes, they were my favorite!! I love anything that resembles a chip. The bottom of the plate were the Maduros, which to me was just like a pan fried banana but more chewy. I thought it was nicely prepared, but a bit too sweet for me. And right in the center was the Gusacaca which is basically guacamole... Oh snap, I have no idea or I cannot remember what is on the bottom of the plate side left!!!! Someone who was there who might be able to help...???

So onto the Entrees. Below was the coveted Vaca Frito, which two of my fellow diners ordered. This meal consisted of shredded beef mixed with some garlic, onions and lime. Hell, I do not eat beef but was convinced to just taste I did and it was so BOMB. The beef had a crispy deep flavor which pretty much melted in your mouth. The rice and beans (Congri) were also nice and spicy and carried the best flavor which was most likely the juice from the Vaca Frito. This fabulous dish also came with a few more of those plantain cakes and will set you back about $12.95.

RB got down on the Milanesa Carne. This dish looked awesome because it pretty much came with fries (Papas Fritas) and some tasty white rice. I didn't taste his dish, but it looked simple but solid, also $12.95.

I love fish, especially when I do not have to cook it. After some advice from others who had visited this spot...I was steered towards the Pescado Frito. I loved this dish, simply because all of the elements on the plate had their own place. The white fish was dusted with a some seasonings and flour then pan fried. The white rice was again, very tasty and the ensalada was very simple but perfect for the meal. I really like hot sauce so we asked for some and we ended up getting two great sauces, I wish I would have taken a picture! The one that I favored was made with habanero peppers, and it was amazing. I ended up asking what all was in the recipe and come to find out it was just peppers, garlic and oil. I need to make this.

The service was good, the owner was chill and the atmosphere was perfect for date night.
I will go back....soon.

5253 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Reservations: 206-524-4615

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8 comments: said...

i want to go back!!! that vaca frita is so delicious but i some point i will prolly try to order something else...some day.

i could pretty much alternate between here, senor moose, and honey court for forever and be content. la casa is by far my favorite restaurant in seattle.

excellent post, pep.

Suge White said...

review sounds good but the pics arent selling it. said...

the pics don't need to.

i promise if y'all go you can spend like 20 minutes "rating the heat."

you'll love that.

ndrwmtsn said...

i'm into it but for mexican food these days i'm on the cheap: rainier taco bus, baby

ndrwmtsn said...

oh my bad not mexico

ndrwmtsn said...

post something else already you lazy ass bloggers

Anonymous said...

omgee so so so good

Anonymous said...

The fish steamed in banana leaves was simple and delicious. I can't wait to go there again...especially for the mojitos.