Thursday, March 20, 2008

Store Front Restaurant....Huong Binh!

Sitting in between the International District and the Central District resides a strip mall on 12th and Jackson. The strip mall houses several restaurants and a nice parking lot underneath so you dont have to worry about trying to park on that damn busy street.

A co-worker and myself were on the hunt for lunch and she said she wanted to take me to Huong Binh. Apparently she is a regular and enjoys eating traditional vietnamese food here with her man. The environment was chill and casual. I was impressed by the fact that the food came out very quickly and that it was both fresh and amazing. The fish sauce and hot sauce options are totally on point. The menu has over 50 dishes ranging from noodles, rice and soup.

I went with the charbroiled pork vermicelli plate which consisted of 3 skewers of tasty spiced grilled pork served along side noodles, lettuce, fresh mint, basil and sweet dipping sauce. I started making a huge damn mess putting the pork and noodles in the lettuce wrap but r. told me how to get down with my empty bowl so I didnt look like an asshole.

r. had a variety dish of lemon grass grilled pork skewers, shrimp, pork balls and shrimp covered sugarcane over rice. This also looked bomb.

I plan to go back to this spot when I get the chance. I even had enough food to save some for lunch the next day. All of it cost us under $15.00 with tax.

Open til 8pm. They do not take debit cards plan ahead.

1207 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA 98144


TekkaDon Juan said...

umm, omg. im definitely going. i love vietnamese's so hard to go wrong, and im always looking to expand my library of go-to restaurants. thanks for the suggestion. also helps that its so close to me :) said...

Dear White Pepper,

Please write about the bullshit garlic/parmesan fries that we ate on Saturday. I will email you my fabulous photography to accompany the article.

Thank you,

The Order of the Golden Cat

ndrwmtsn said...

went there today. awesome.

Anonymous said...

delicious, cheap, and disconcertingly fast service. i was intimidated by the deciduous forest of roughage they brought on a plate with my plate. and once they bring your food out 1.2 seconds after you order, they may never look at you again but it's all good. props to shrimp on sugarcane

Suge White said...

My heart belongs to Moonlight Cafe at the moment.

Someday, in the not so distant future, I'm sure the magic will fade, I will stray and enjoy the comforts of another vermicelli bowl but for now I am head over heels in love.

ndrwmtsn said...

yeah, lar, that WAS some fast-ass time-warp service