Thursday, March 13, 2008

moose knuckle

last friday i decided to invite a few friends out to dinner, and we had quite the e-maelstrom trying to figure out where to go. it's a little funny with our group since we have one veg, one gluten-free, 2 no-caribbean's (we ate that the night before), and one writer looking for a breath of fresh blog air. three days and three thousand emails later, senor moose was the winner. please see their full menu online.

i never imagined chips and guacamole could be so incredibly delicious. the chips are hot, salty, and made-to-order. they're made from incredibly thick-cut tortillas, so it's almost like eating two chips in one. the guacamole was refreshing, chunky, and integrated chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, and lime. i'm normally not a fan of guacamole because i don't like it pulverized and competely mashed. for me, guac is entirely about texture, so i prefer the chunks of avocado. this was bomb. even after dinner, we were all commenting about the guac. holy shit.

our server was awesome....he brought out the cinco salsas y unos chilitos for all to sample. the chilitos were marinated chipotles (hot and smoky), a crema de guajillo, a pico, a simple chile salsa, salsa verde, and a mint chutney-like salsa similar to the condiment you get at indian restaurants. bomb-naners.

next came the queso panela in salsa. the cheese is a slice of queso freso warmed until semi-melted, then served in a dish of smoky tomato salsa. it was pretty tasty wrapped up in a tortilla with some chipotle.

here's another view of the queso panela.

both suge and rio ordered the special, which was grilled pork that was marinated overnight in a vinegar, guajillo, and pasilla chile blend. it was served with sides of pinto beans topped w cotija, shredded cabbage, and basically mexican home fries. suge enjoyed his dish, but he was jealous of gats' carne asada.

akg ordered the enchiladas suizas which were filled with grilled chicken and queso fresco and smothered in a creamy salsa verde. it looked bomb. she noted that the chicken had a crispy skin which enhanced the texture and her overall enjoyment :).

ah, the coveted carne asada. gats feasted upon seared carne asada, an enchilada verde, sauteed strips of poblano, refried beans smothered in salty cotija, and guacamole. i think you can pretty much figure out how he felt about this dish.

let me mention that pep asked the waiter what the cheesiest dish on the menu was. let's just say that the enchiladas de puya were stuffed with two types of cheese, covered in the same smoky tomato salsa as the queso panela, and then hit with more cotija on top. delicious. black beans and a small salad finished off the plate.

senor moose is really where it's at. this place was awesome, the vibe was great, the dining room was small and friendly, and the waiter was awesome. he kept the modelos and margaritas flowing all night, and when it came time to settle, our party of six came to a paltry $180.

5242 NW Leary Ave
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 784-5568

Everyday 8am-3pm
Sunday-Thursday 5pm-9pm
Friday-Saturday 5pm-10pm

Senor Moose in Seattle


angela said...

word--this place RULES. i like to go there for breakfast--chorizo w nopales y paps, enotomatadas, and CHILAQUILES that'll knock your socks off. viva la moose.

Anonymous said...

goddamn that spot was the chronic ice tea!! i was sick with teh food-pleasures

ndrwmtsn said...

we went back the next week and the waiter fucked up and brought the wrong meal. i told him to let us keep it anywayz and he did! twas basic pork, but it was good. i had some mole that was good but a little one-note. i think i wanna fuck with the plantain/pineapple salsa next time

anybody goes back there again without me an i'm pissed

Suge White said...

The margaritas only get a passing mention? CRIMINAL! They are teh rad and teh bomb.

We went back. the Carne asada plate was ok and the quac was not as stellar.

Still I love that place.

And the waiter is really nice even though he reminds me of castro. said...


i am no where near as critical of food as some of you people *ahem* mom and dad *ahem* and was incredibly pleased.

viva la moose!

White Pepper said...

You assholes went back and didnt tell me? Thanks for nothing.

Those margaritas were alright...needed more tequila!

Im down for brunch sometime, lets do this.