Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pike Place Bar and Grill

I swear I have written about this place but I cannot find the post! Anyway, a few of my close friends love the Pike Place Bar and Grill , it took me awhile but now I am also convinced it is a nice place to grab brunch. This isn't because their food is BOMB but it is your standard family restaurant complete with a full bar. The prices are decent and you get a nice view of Pike Place Market. For such a tourist location the place is never packed it can get crowded but you can usually grab a table in the bar. Speaking of full bar on my last visit we started with a few vodka grapefruit cocktails and for a "dollar more" we upgraded to a double. Perfect.

I tend to eat the Belltown Frittata on most visits which is hit or miss. Sometimes it is absolutely perfect and full of cheese. Other times it is kinda dry. Boo. The frittata is made of 3 eggs, fresh vegetables (usually peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms) and parmesan cheese baked to a golden brown and topped with sour cream. Served with home fries & a buttermilk biscuit. The home fries are great because they are plain and not covered in unidentifiable seasonings and undercooked. They are baked, salted and golden brown. I am not too impressed by the biscuit but it is a nice touch.

CarboOverload got down on the Wonder Bird which looked like a nice tasty turkey sandwich...
all white turkey, crisp bacon, cranberry sauce and swiss cheese on grilled sour dough bread. If she stops by Ketchup and Soup she can tell you how it really was.

You can enter on Pike or on First in the corner of the market.


TekkaDon Juan said...

i love when diners have any sort of turkey special with "bird" in the name. beautiful. said...

i always get the belltown frittata!

and i always sit at that table!

that place poors hella strong drinks. my grandpa's favorite bar in seattle.


Jen said...

The service at this place is godawful; you couldn't get me back in here with a crowbar. I never even got served the last time I was in here, they passed us by on food 4 times they were so disorganized that they LOST our food. And then the manager yelled at me.

Never again.

Barry said...

They have absolutly the worst service of any place in the seattle!! The manager should be fired... The owner should sell!