Saturday, August 15, 2009

muy bonito

while wandering around in the upper medieval town of sperlonga, i turned a corner and saw this amazing sign. unfortunately, m. wasn't in the mood for a hot dog (too hot, sweaty, and humid), but after looking at the pictures, he wished he did.

talk about suicide food...this guy looks happy as a(n ivar's) clam catching some rays in his bun. i want his sunglasses. very hot right now.
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lar said...

that's such a horrific scene about to happen. can you imagine getting just savagely devoured while you were trying to tan? very Jaws.

Anonymous said...

:) indead in Italy all know american cook ( couse italians are & dream USA mid north south ) you may buy peanut butter in Italy in all mall and Skippy or American Nutty ("amrican quality" made with "runner" peanut higest Q. peanut from south USA FL AL GO )