Friday, May 15, 2009

I love Barb

Well, I dont even want to look at how long its been since I have been on this blog. Blame it on being busy, not going out to eat much and just feeling a bit uninspired....Enough of that, I want to get back in the game. Big shout out to ms. tekkadon for holding this situation together.

Last weekend I did go to a place that I don't go to enough and that is my mom's house for meals. This time however was even more of a treat because my amazing chef of a brother and I cooked a meal together. Because in fact it was Mother's Day, we decided instead of going out to brunch that we would make brunch for my mom at her house. A few days prior I asked my mom what she wanted and she immediately requested crab benedict. Now I knew that Brian had to know how to make poached eggs or else he couldn't really be called a chef. I decided to come up with a salad to accompany this rich dish.

The benedict was the perfect. Eggs, perfect. Hollandaise, perfect. Crab, perfect. English muffin, perfect. Brian showed me a few cooking tips while he make the hollandaise and assisted me with segmenting my fruit. The salad I made was made up of watercress, sliced oranges, sliced grapefruit, red onion, celery and pecans. The dressing was a mix of olive oil, honey, orange rind and a bit of salt and pepper. I loved this salad, and it was a great match to the eggs.

The meal was really tasty and we topped it with a glass of Cristal. Well okay, not reall it was Cristalino.

Only thing missing was the rest of the family but they were off bringing home the bacon. I would love to have a restaurant with my brother. I think we would make a great team. Cooking with him was really fun, now I know why he does what he does...and why he is so damn good at it.

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TekkaDon Juan said...

yum, that looks delicious. crab benedict is one of mike's faves, too. you know i dont really get down with the eggs, but im always jealous of benedict-eaters. they always look so good! watercress is one of my favorite greens. i used to make wc soup all the time...sigh!