Friday, April 24, 2009

mom's tired of feeding our monkey asses!

a couple days after our easter feast, M's family decided to pick up some mexicano for a nice takeout dinner. we were anticipating awesomeness simply because of CA's proximity to the 'co, but i was skeptical of the authenticity of the place because that's just my nature. i accompanied M's step-dad and brother so i could pick out some veg options and a couple of tacos for M. when we walked in, i instantly knew taqueria real surely was the re-al deal.

the taqueria was simple, clean, and full of standard, restaurant-issue square tables. the menu was posted on a lightboard behind the counter with pictures and descriptions next to each item for los gringos. awesome. the cold case, free of any decoration, was stacked with mexican, cane-sugared coca-colas, flan, and energy drinks. there were four 7-eleven-style, glass-doored fridges along one wall which weren't even 1/4 full of various flavors of jarritos, beer, and other soft drinks. i could tell the food was going to be the shit.

R ordered two gigante burritos for the chicken and one beef. they were truly enormous and fed three teenage boys and two adults. from what i could tell, they were stuffed with the typical whole pinto beans, meat of choice, tomato, and some type of sauce. i think perhaps there was cheese, as well. i assumed that since there wasn't a grain of rice leftover that the burritos were satisfactory.

i tried the ceviche which was awesome. i don't know what type of white fish they used, but it was extremely tender. i thought it was better than guaymas'!! it was so perfectly salty, citrusy, and refreshing. A+

i also got a sopita with just beans, lettuce, and cotija. it was good. the sopa itself was thick, and more of a walled coaster shape than i've had before, but it was good. i must say, el asadero's veg sopitas really are the best and simplest around.

R also ordered a beef quesadilla for good measure. M said it was the shit. boy does he love enchiladas even though he never gets them because tacos are his first love.

lastly i ordered one taco al pastor and one taco de carnitas as a tasting for M. he said they were great. like great great. rivaling el asadero great! i think the house salsas played a part in his opinion, too. the salsa verde and roja were rich, flavorful, and the perfect garnish for every bite.

taqueria real was, is, a little gem hidden away in a strip mall in bel marin keys. we will be back as soon as we get to novato. and M finishes his in-n-out 3x3.

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Suge White said...

Del Boca Vista!!!

It was gooooooood. I am super critical of taco joints and this was gooder then shit.

kjade said...

lol, fucking seinfeld

Streat Bear said...

Those tacos look legit as does the rest of it. Bring me some back next time so i can leave it in my fridge

Lucas said...

Seriously, where's my leftovers?

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