Friday, November 28, 2008

Spur.........Molecular Gastronomy in Belltown

After a recent Saturday of wine tasting at several Woodinville tasting rooms the hunger pangs set in. Spur had been recommended by the very talented chef of Dahlia Lounge. It was a great find! The atmosphere is comfortable and clean. The staff is efficient and friendly. Most importantly the mostly small plates are fresh, innovative, and just damn good! It is also consistent. Several visits to Spur have been outstanding.

I feel the bar is the best seat in any restaurant. Most bartenders are knowledgeable of the food as well as the drinks. Spur is no exception. Although our mixologist felt all of the menu items were very good, he w
as happy to let us know his favorites along with cocktail and wine recommendations.

We started off with crostini topped with smoked salmon on a dollop of mascarpone cream, and a drop of champagne vinegar. This was outstanding! Especially if you could put the entire portion in your mouth at once and experience the explosion of flavors.

We moved onto the Pork Belly Sliders made simply with perfectly prepared crispy pork belly, mustard, arugla, and sm
oked orange marmalade. The combination of sweet and salty makes this a perfect late night plate with a glass of Ale.

at item is the tagliatelle with chanterelles a duck egg and a garnish of parmesan foam. To be honest, the foam was an unnecessary decoration that was a little too foo-foo for me. However the smokiness of the chanterrelles and the al dente pasta all swimming in the broken yolk of the duck egg made you wish you weren't sharing.

The beef carpaccio was pretty good, but the the slow poached Butterfish was a little too bland. It might have suffered because of the big flavors of the previous dishes so I might try it as a first plate in a future visit. None the less, it was a great presentation on the English peas, and morels.
All in all this is a great place and will be a regular stop.

113 Blanchard St.
Seattle, WA 98121
Daily 5 pm to 2 am

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Anonymous said...

parmesan foam? man something about that just doesnt sit right.

nonetheless, those first couple dishes sounded fantastic.

mia popina said...

parmesan foam is over the top foo foo, but I have eaten at this place and the crostini are tasty little numbers. In fact I am glad you reminded me of this place because those dishes looked yum!

l nopen said...

the foam certainly doesn't add anything to the dish. but with all the good things this place offers I can over look it

White Pepper said...

Nice.....I need to get in there.
Food looks good, good post!