Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Tangletown (wtf?!?) Gem

this post is a long time coming, but i have no shame in publishing two-month-old pictures! my visit was in the heart of the summer and in the middle of a sweaty, 20 mile bike ride, but this dive is just as great on a rainy sunday evening as a hot summer day.

leny's tavern is just about the nicest dive bar i've ever had the pleasure of spending 6 hours at. the bartender, willow, was super friendly, sarcastic, and even changed the channel for us while (olympic) rhythmic gymnastics were being televised. we went there with a couple friends who swear by this spot (it sponsored M2.'s flag football team) and it's leny's larges, aka 33.8 ounce, four dollar beers.

i've found that a good guage of a bar's well-roundedness is the bloody mary. any bar can throw together a whiskey soda or pull a beer. not every bar(tender) can create a stellar bloody mary. lenys' is the shit. seriously. they make their own mix, dress it with pepperoncini, a pickle, olives, and lemon and spice it up to your liking. it was perfect...dill-y, tangy, spicy; i can't laud willow enough.

the menu is, as one would expect, mostly burgers-and-fries type stuff, but they also offer chili cheese tots, blackened cod, fish and chips, and all manner of fried accoutrements. all of my compatriots ordered the dock street burger (standard burger w bacon and "dock" sauce). M. accompanied his with salt and vinegar fries (bomb).

M2. got the onion straws, which are basically onion rings but, you got it, not rings. those were the shit, and after a few hours of swilling leny's larges and rounds of jaeger, we ended up ordering a basket of onion straws, which was a homerun.

lastly ms. pesca ordered the blackened cod sandwich which was the shit. the fish was great, salty, and "cajun-spiced" with paprika, chili, etc. i subbed in fried zucchini instead of regular fries, which were cornmeal battered, hotter than a motherfucker, and awesome.

since this initial visit, i think we've gone out of our way to tangletown (stupid name) at least 3 times. we even went on a rainy sunday night, had a few larges and shots and somehow made it to work feeling "decent." hit up leny's tavern, even if you're not in the neighborhood. it's a great place for pool, e-jukeboxing, buck hunter, burgers, and bloody mary's.

Leny's Tavern
2219 N 56st St
Seattle, WA 98103

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Suge White said...

The place is pretty kewl.

Good food. Cheap drinks.

Nice internet jukebox

White Pepper said...

Nice post. I think I have been there...clearly I was not sober.

Anonymous said...

i had a homegirl work there years ago, i used to fucking hate that place. but i couldn't really afford to eat there at the time anyway. the struggle!

that cod sammich sounds good, onion straws very much so.

Anonymous said...

Rude, arrogant bartenders. Obviously not going back. Horrible service.